Saturday, January 2, 2010

Last Day, The Markets and Sunburn.

We went out last night and had a fantastic Italian meal at Dominique's Italian Restaurant last night. It was fantastic; and we had a ball! Beforehand, Mum, Dad and I headed up to Ocean Shores Lookout; but seeing it had just rained, we didn't want to get out and get our feet and shoes wet. We drove around a little and I photographed a beautifully painted substation and a weird-lookin' letterbox! They are so gorgeous and original too!

Today, there were the markets in Memorial Park; and were they busy! I showed up there around 8am and
thought it was going to be a wet old Brunswick Day. However the sun came out and my arms were burnt, so was my neck... ouch! So, Mum and Dad brought my hat when they came to the markets an hour or so after I did.
I got an sms from my brother's girlfriend - Katrina - and we found each other near one end of the markets. And while I was helping my niece pick out a gorgeous stone and bead bracelet Katrina walked around on her own. It was a pleasure to look after Riley for the morning. However, my arms did get burnt pretty badly; seeing I thought it was going to rain and I brought an umbrella with me.

I scored two books I had been looking for, five coin purses (one of which I gave to Riley), a sand toy, a hair clippie thing, a nudie calendar of the Woodchop guys that celebrates the Brunswick Woodchop Festival's 50th Anniversary and a couple of coffees (one too hot to drink and I tossed it. The other was a delicious ice coffee from a machine!). Well, we all met up again (Mum, Dad, Katrina and Riley) and met Katrina's friend from school and I went back to the hotel to pick up some of Riley's gear to bring her back to Mum and Dad's van. It was really cool to walk Riley back here at the van park where we had lunch and played a game of UNO, Rummy-Cub and then I had a shower to settle my sunburn down. After I returned, I slapped on the Aloe-Vera After Sun Gel, the afternoon kind of wore on a little before Dad offered Riley to go fishing.
She got ready and now they're off fishing while Gabe and Katrina are out on the fly of the annex having a coffee with Mum. I'm going to join them soon.

I've had a great holiday; no matter how weird or wet it's been. I've had a ball blogging to you all about it too!

I hope you guys have had a wonderful holiday and New Year; as well as Christmas. Take care if you have to travel home from your holiday spot. If not, well, keep well and I'll see you soon.

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