Friday, January 29, 2010

Stinking Hot Weather!

It's been so darn hot in the last few weeks that we've all been drinking a lot of water, our plants and lawns have been either turning brown and the leaves are curling and ants are invading our homes for a cooler place to house the colonies (and that's never a good sign!). But recently, I've been hearing Kookaburras laughing in the distance for a good minute or so. And if my late-Grandmother taught me anything, that means it's going to rain.

Yesterday, Brisbane got up to around 35 degrees Celsius and we sweltered - even in air-conditioning. Where I was, at the Logan Art Gallery, the place was struggling with the close heat outside. And it was made worse by people constantly walking past the automated doors. I felt like asking them to stop doing that just to keep the cool air in; but I couldn't. And last night, just around midnight, we all witnessed the awesome beauty of an electric storm passing over Brisbane; with it's lightning and grumbling thunder.
It was such a relief to hear it after the building up of it over the evening where I think everyone must have either not eaten anything for dinner or eaten salad for the third night in a row (like I did)! Today, I got in and did some laundry; because we're in for another storm and then rain and showers for the next week. I'm grateful they have finally come because it's been so hot and dreadful that we need the release and coolness of the rain to feed our lawns and fill up the dams. It is nice to see the sun; but not for weeks on end with lots of heat and humidity.

So, by next week when it does fine up again, I'll have more laundry to be done and I'll be able to fill up the clothes line in the yard completely.
Otherwise, the rain will give me time to get into some much-needed reading of some books I've begun and I'll be able to work on My Reading List and keep it rolling along well with more books, discussions and reviews.

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