Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Difference Between Them and Us

On the news the other night, I saw that Maria Carey was given an award for something. And with a voice like hers, she deserves any kind of award. However, when she approached the stage, she had had a few drinks too many was a little more than tipsy... okay, she was drunk. And this made world news... how I'm not quite sure. But it really made me angry.

I've been to all kinds of places where there's people of importance who go and get a little drunk and make an ass of themselves; but it doesn't make a bit of difference to the rest of us or the world. However, you get a singer, actor or an artist who is well-known and hey! They're a bad influence; they're drunk! They're our idols and shouldn't be acting this way!


They are humans just like us. And what you have to remember is that at one point in their lives, they were nobodys. They had the average life like you and me. They were scolded at school and given detention. They had a childhood where nobody noticed them (that is if they didn't come from the Hollywood background that some of them did). And some of these people who have become famous on their own through sheer hard work are allowed to have a bit of a good time and enjoy themselves with everyone saying how bad it looks!

If that's what we are looking at to compare ourselves with; we are looking in the wrong places. Hollywood and the music and fashion industries are not the places we should be turning to for inspiration as they are all just plastic, false and dark, dark worlds of corruption. Instead, people, look in the thing in the bathroom... the mirror. That where you'll see the real you; as mirrors don't lie

Unless you're trying on clothes in Target... ignore those ones. They're not good for you.

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