Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Walking Injured.

Yep, I've gone and hurt myself. On Monday, I went out for the day in the dreadful heat armed with an umbrella, good walkin' shoes and sunscreen as well as water. Well, I spent some time in the air-conditioned comfort of the shopping center, went to the doctors - as planned - and then came home. However, for the whole day, I felt like something was out of place; yet, I couldn't place what it was. It was something physical, but when I thought about it, I could put my finger on exactly what could be wrong, so I didn't worry too much about... not until I arrived home and took off my shoes and the pain started in my left foot!
At first it was small and niggled a bit. Then, by around 7:30pm, it was horrible and I wanted to chop off my foot... I called Dad and asked him what to do. After taking painkillers and putting heat against it, I felt I could go to bed.
But the next day, it was twice as bad and I found a compression bandage and wrapped my foot for the day and that night, I iced it and got an early night.
Yesterday, I went out in the morning and got my grocery shopping done very slowly. Then, Mum took me off to the podiatrists where the wonderful man strapped my foot up and now it feels great... well better than it did before! Now, I have to stay off it as much as possible and not walk too much. Hmmmm... I do have some books to read, I might get into those for a change!

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