Monday, January 4, 2010

My Last Day Here In Brunswick Heads!

Last night, Mum and Dad went out to Dominique's Italian Restaurant with a few others from a couple of other tents while I stayed here at the van with Riley and cooked her nachos. We used the Pizza-Oven for the first time ever and found it made a very delicious lot of Nachos and the sour cream topped it off! Riley told me that my Nachos were in her top 5 favourite meals; what a compliment! During our meal, a family friend dropped by to see Dad's new boat and we showed him it. He reckoned it looked beautiful - a real fisherman's boat - and we chatted for a few minutes and then I took Riley out to buy her an ice block at the service station for dessert. She thought it was really cool! After we got back, we played a weird game called 'Quatro' and then washed up; just in time to hear my parents come home. They didn't stay long, though, they were offered a card game at another tent; went. So, Riley and I stayed up and did some drawing, reading and writing until around 10:30pm when we turnd out the lights.

This morning, I was woken up by rain at around 5am. About an hour later, my alarm went off and I heard the sound of flocks of Corellas flying around; and are they noisy! So, I got up because the sun was shining through the zip of the annex and took a walk to the amenities; on the way back, I saw a good few of the birds walking around the road with a flock of Galahs and pigeons eating something off the ground. They were having their morning feed... and the Galahs weren't about to share! The pigeons? Well, they were just running around after each other trying to mate!

I stayed in bed for a little while until my folks and my niece showed signs of life and then, I dressed, fed Little Miss Stevie and chatted with Riley until everyone was up and ready for breakfast. The day was slowly showing to be a sunny one; but by the time breakfast was finished, rain was pouring from the skies and everything was grey for a few hours. It was a stark contrast to the early morning blush of the sunrise. Since then, it's been a bit gloomy and cool and gusty. However, dark clouds have been threating rain all day. So, we are wondering whether to do our laundry or not.
In the last hour or so, Riley and Dad went to check the crabpots up the river. And Dad let her drive the boat almost all the way back. Riley really is having a lot of fun here. She's written a postcard to her Dad about the nachos for dinner last night and two fish she caught in the time she's been here. She's going to have a lot to tell the kids when she gets back to school; she's such a happy kid and I'm going to miss her when we all take off tomorrow to go home.

For lunch today, we had a pie each from the Brunswick Heads Bakery and an apple turn-over; which had fresh cream inside the pastry! It was all so delicious! And then, Riley sat and did some drawing while I read about 10 pages of 'Under The Dome' by Stephen King with a cup of tea. Mum and Dad had a cuppa too.
Now, I have to go and start packing to get ready for the trip home. I'll pack the necessities and I'll be ready for the drive back to Brisbane.

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