Monday, January 4, 2010

Going Home Soon

Well, seeing I'm going home soon, I'd like to thank you guys for coming along with me; for enjoying yourselves and seeing the pictures (even if you have to wait for some of them until I get home!).

I've had the best time here in Brunswick.

I read a book, bought books and got sunburnt (the latter was not planned!) and then there was New Year's Eve and all the fun and games of
that night; even thought it was a little sedated for some of us (including me). But, the markets was the highlight of my holidays for me... the bargains and the coin purses, books and people... and I got sunburnt (again! Worse this time!). I saw a gorgeous blue Mustang; and got to sit in it too... pity I wasn't allowed to drive it! But seeing it was a left-hand drive, I could see the point. Fortunately, I was allowed to photograph the monster and have a good look at her... and isn't she beautiful?

Even though it rained for a good part of my holidays - and yes that's how I got my book read - I've enjoyed my time here. I've heard that Brisbane
has had rain, rain and more rain since Christmas Day; so we're not the only ones under the grey clouds at the moment.

So, until I return to my usual posts, I'll see you all soon!

The trip home was fun and cool. Riley kept us entertained with car games like I Spy and a rotating story-telling game that got out of control; in the way that only good marshmallow monsters innards do! We found
that her toy Giraffe, Harold, was a great source of entertainment the whole way home and here's the photos to prove it! Otherwise, I'm still recovering from the whole journey... and as tired as I am, I've had a great holiday. And I thank you for all following me along with it. It's been a lot of fun doing this; despite not being able to install the photos until I got home; but that's the problems of Wi-Fi internet; it's just not broadband.

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