Saturday, January 30, 2010

Losing Her Sight, But Just As Cute!

Almost five years ago, I bought a gorgeous male budgie at a pet store. He was named Stevie, brought home and taught a few nice, lovely words then, he got out, attacked another bird and got sick... then changed sexes on me. And Little Miss Stevie was here. She was naughty, in a bad mood almost all the time and then, accepted that I wasn't going to go away and thought it might be a good idea to be friends with me. So, I created a photo album for her on myspace and put her on all my profiles online and people have gotten to know me as the the woman behind the Blue Budgie.
In recent times, Stevie's been sick again and it nearly killed her. Thankfully, there's vets out there that care enough to learn about birds and what can help them; instead of just putting them down because they're too small or too hard to help. Stevie has made me laugh and had me worried about things. But she's my pet. And in the last few months, I've noticed something about her. She may not be able to see.

Over Christmas, she became very clingy and didn't like me leaving her alone; yet didn't bite anyone else. When she got home, she over-shot the cage or came up short when coming in to land - or worse still, she ran into it. Whenever she came looking for me, she would run into the back door (with or without the curtain pulled) and more recently, Stevie's run into the door that leads out to the garage (which she's seen me use on numerous occasions).

On Australia Day, I was out on the back deck of my Uncle's house and I was able to get Stevie out of the cage and pat her without her struggling to get away from me for a 'Great Escape' type flight. She wasn't even aware that we had a dog in the car either; which concerned me because she's normally terrified of dogs.
So, it's off to the vets on Monday to figure out if it's because she's reached middle age or if it's something else that may be hiding in her that's causing the sudden blindness. I hope she's okay. I'm more concerned for her than worried sick; as I can deal with a bird that's blind. It's just a matter of being careful around her.

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