Thursday, November 14, 2013

Busy! Busy!... And Getting Busier!

Man oh man!  Have I been busy this week... and yet I somehow missed a day.  I thought today was Friday; and it's not.

Oh well. 

This week, I've been working hard on my Crafty Pegs, getting them painted, organised, varnished, wrapped and finding out out how much I have to sell.  I do have a lot of Cool Pencils - over 30 of them in fact - and so I'm working on more pegs than I know what to do with now.  This includes the Magna-Pegs and Sprung Pegs too as well as the Dolly Pegs.  However, the ones I ordered off e-bay from the UK have yet to arrive and it's been almost 3 weeks!!!  I did leave a note on e-bay for the guy and let him know on e-bay that they haven't arrived and it's been an abnormal amount of time ... so I hope to hear from him soon.
However, fortunately, I've been able to find Dolly Pegs in cheap stores and buy all of their stores of them... and so I'm painting them as fast as I can and getting them ready to sell too.

In between all of this working on the Crafty Pegs stall, painting and varnishing, I've been to the doctors in the city for a check-up.  This is the same specialist who helped me with the IUD and ovarian cyst in June.  Dr. Stephen Cook was happy to hear that I'm a lot better than I was before the operation.  I've lost weight, am sleeping better and no longer have a any problems with bloating... actually I don't bloat anymore or retain fluids - so I don't look overweight either.  So, that was wonderful.

Today, I did a big varnishing session in the carport, and just as I finished pulling the pegs off the old clothes horse I had found at the back of the complex a few months ago, the whole thing collapsed - falling apart.  So, I'm in for a new one tomorrow.  I'll be going out to Sam's Warehouse to buy a new one while I'm off to the chiropractors too.
This afternoon, I spent around 1 1/2 hours wrapping up all the 1 set of Sprung Pegs, 2 sets of Dolly pegs and 12 Cool Pencils in cellophane to add to the stores for the stall.  Then there were 3 Magna-Pegs and another 5 Magna-Pegs which were a commissioned set for a volunteer at the Logan Art Gallery.  

Tonight, while the storm raged out on and off outside, I was working hard at my craft area.  I really got into a routine and painted up two or three Dolly Pegs, two Sprung Pegs and three Magna-Pegs... I'm looking forward to the weekend where I'll be working hard on my stores... and then by Tuesday next week, I'll do my very last varnishing-and-wrapping day.  On Wednesday, I'll do the grocery shopping and on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, I'll do nothing but stick around the house and tidy up or organised the car... yeah, that sounds good.  I still have stuff to put away from Halloween sitting around the living room and a tree to put up for Christmas.  

So, how has your week been going?  Busy as hell like my week?  Or just average and ordinary?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.


  1. How much are you selling your crafty pencils for?

    1. $2.00 each... :D

      There are different design in them too... both your girls would love them. :D

  2. I will arrange a meet up so I can have a look at your pencils in December. Do you have any painted orange ones?