Friday, November 22, 2013

Tomorrow is My Day Off

Yep, tomorrow is the day where I sleep in, eat pancakes, do pretty much nothing at all but contemplate the fluff in my navel... it's also the calm before the storm of the Creative Markets on Sunday morning.  It's the day where I'll be organising what I'll be eating, drinking, wearing and doing at 6am on Sunday morning.

This won't take long.

Seeing I've spent the last 3 weeks organising myself to the last little letter, little bit and every little piece of thing I have ever needed in between, I have all the stuff I want in the car.  My two boxes filled with stores and items for the table for the market.  I know exactly where my stall is at the market (as I was sent an e-mail of where it was in the hall last Monday - and it is subject to change on the day).  And I have bought every kind of food I've ever loved to eat from the Big Apple and at Coles - which is snackable and tasty... so there's nothing that can go wrong.

Unless I accidentally go back to sleep and forget to get up, dress, scoff down breakfast and race off to the markets in a huge rush, I don't think anything will go wrong.

Last week I did have a horrible nightmare though.  I dreamt that the markets were moved to Dreamworld; and so we all got there and the organisers wanted us to haul all our stuff onto the train there and we had to set up at Koala Town (is that still there?).  Then, at around 8:45am, they just went around and told us that it wasn't any use and we had to pack up and leave the premises before the themepark opened... at 9am!  I had to pack up on my own and nobody would help me drive my Kombi van out of there.  I was being glared at by all the people walking around the theme park and I felt terrible and didn't sell a single thing or get my money back.  I was thankful it was a dream.

I know that was down to stress... damned thing... but I think it was because I'm walking a road I've never traveled before and it's scary and weird.  And once I've done this and know it's not that bad, I'll do it again and know it's fun and stressful and exciting... so, I'll make a little money and enjoy it. 

So, I'm looking forward to the Creative Markets at Springwood State School on Sunday.  I'll be stuffed when I get home, but it'll be worth it when it's done.  Dad's worried about how much money I've put into the Crafty Pegs venture... but I do believe it's the setting-up costs and the first year that actually does cost the most in a business; after that, it does start paying itself off little by little.
But I have noticed that I'll never get my time back from my Crafty Pegs.  It's just how it goes.  I enjoy painting - fortunately - and it's something I will be getting back into again and again.  

So, tomorrow is a day of double-checking that I have everything.  That I have enough money for a float... that I have my outfit sorted out, the right shoes for the day, that I get enough sleep the night before and make sure I secure everything right for the drive over and back.  I know that sounds basic - the last one - but I don't want something to be smashed in the back of the Pajero when I'm not going too far for a market.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Just relax! You will do fine tomorow but don't get your hopes too high through. Just take the day as it comes. But I do hope for your sake there are no severe storms around during the day while the markets are on.

    1. It'll be okay... the markets are under cover, so nothing will get wet.

      I'm not too worried about the market itself, and I'm not scared about the competition, but I'll be setting up alone as family won't be there until later that day. So, that'll be the biggest challenge.

      And seeing it's a month before Christmas everyone will be looking for a bargain. And my stuff isn't too expensive, I'm a new market stall person and people like new things to try out.