Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Devil's In the Details

In a week's time, I'll be attending the Creative Markets at Springwood Road State School here in Logan City.  My stall will be called Lynda's Crafty Pegs.  I'm so happy, tired, sleepless and broke... but I'm glad to be doing this as it's a new experience.  However, I have been told that it's the first market stall that does send you a little broke to start with - and the setting-up costs that does that to you as well.  And once you've got all that set-up costs out of the way, you can work out anything else you need to do afterwards.

Well, now, it's the devilishly details stuff.  I have a few more pegs to get done, the last varnishing session and wrappings to do on Tuesday.  Wednesday is my grocery shopping day and then on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, I'm going to be doing nothing... absolutely no Crafty Pegs stuff, so I'm not exhausted.  But that doesn't mean I won't be doing something on those days.

On Thursday I'll probably get some much-needed housework done around here.  Yeah, I've been washign up, doing a little laundry here and there, but I really need to get some major cleaning up done around here; as it's been ignored of late.
On Friday, I'll be out of here early with Mum to go to the hair dressers to have my hair looked at... well, I know it's a lovely long bit of hair, but I really do enjoy having it done the way I did last year - all flipped and wavy in the 1970's style.  And I'll also be doing it to have myself look nice and neat for the markets too.
Saturday is the day where I'll pack the car with everything I need to take to the market.  This means I'll have the car competely emptied out of boxes, bags and anything else in there - except what will be needed.  This also means I'll be getting a few things to tie things down and together while I'm out shopping on Wednesday so nothing slides around and damages the car interior.  

Next Sunday morning, I'll be at the school before 7am... yeah, that early... to set up my stall.  I'm hoping to have my Aunty Helen help me out at the stall that day for the few hours and then help me out packing up too.  Otherwise, if she can't, I'll be okay on my own with a two-wheel trolley (which I'll nab from Dad for the weekend).  

Yep, the devil's in the details this week. And I have to get everything right.  Dad's worried that I've spent too much money on this Crafty Pegs business venture, but I have said to him that it's the setting up of anybusiness that usually costs the most; then after around a year, it usually starts to pay itself off bit by bit.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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