Friday, November 1, 2013

Goodbye.... Hello!

Today, I said goodbye to my old bedroom furnishings - at long last.  It took us 4 long months to get rid of them and we had to cart it off to the Smart Tip at Browns Plains to let it have a better life with somebody else.  Now, I have a carport which can actually house a car properly for the first time since I began driving again.

Very cool.

I have the space where I can do some serious varnishing without dodging around something or other and enjoy my carport without wondering if something is going to be stolen or flooded in a rain storm.. yep, I've said hello to some much-needed space.

I've also said hello some people on Facebook who have offered me some space at another market at Springfield Lakes only days after my Creative Markets at the end of this month.  Unfortunately, I don't think I'd have the stock to go to it... so I sadly had to turn them down.  I did offer to show for their next one - if they were planning another in the new year - but they weren't.  They were flattered I offered to take up their offer after NYE.  Oh well, doesn't matter, I could always become a regular at the Creative Markets and work the Springwood ones once a month and get some regular people buying my things, expand my market and actually make my Crafty Pegs something major in my life... yeah, that sounds great.

But, baby steps right now... baby steps.

Yeah, I've said goodbye a few things lately and hello to a lot more.  I've said hello to a lot of family support where my family is helping me buy a car.  I'm also looking on the net for a car... and there's so many people selling their cars on here.  It's amazing what's going for which price!  So much choice now there's the internet around.

Well, there's the hellos and goodbyes I've done so far... until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Be very careful on seeking cars online! Make sure you go in person to see the vehicle for sale. Also take someone who has good knowledge about engines because it is known some vehicles are lemons.

    1. Yeah... I know the saying; 'don't believe everything you read/see' when it comes to the internet... don't worry. As for engines? Well, I worked on my old Celica from the day I got it to the day I stopped driving it... so when it comes to engine talk, I know about them. With Dad coming with me to car yards, I let him talk to the sale's man about the engine... whereas they ask me about what I want.