Thursday, October 31, 2013

October's Something Different!

Wow!  Has is been something different alright!  I spent a good part of this month with my parents out of the country and only the last week or so of it with them at home.  They've had the best tour overseas and a wonderful welcome home!  But Mum and Dad have spent the last week catching up with paperwork and looking at their bank statements too.

Anyway, this was mixed in with what I've been up to this month - which made this month very, very busy for me!

On the day before my birthday, Aunty Helen, Kate and Oma took me out to lunch at the Lions Den at Springwood.  This is an AFL Club for the Brisbane Lions.  I don't support the team so I didn't join up there, but the food there was great!  And it was a lovely atmosphere too.  Kate couldn't stay long, but she gave me $40 - as she didn't know what to get me - and Aunty Helen gave me two $20 Bunnings Vouchers, and Oma gave me a Birthday card.  
After lunch we were off to McDonalds for coffee.  It was loud there, but the coffee was lovely.  What a day!
The next day, was my birthday.  I spent half the day at Logan Emergency Ward; but it wasn't for me.  One of my friends had a huge panic attack and I had to call an ambulance for him and follow it to the hospital in the car.  Then a few hours later, I had to pick him up with a friend who had arrived at my house... it was strange.

I bought a new outdoor setting, completed my backyard makeover and am very pleased with the finished product of my garden.  And then, I started looking at working on getting my parents' house ready to be lived in again.  The housework was done, the sheets on their bed was changed over and other things fixed up too.

By 12th, October, I had finished the backyard!  I was so pleased with it!  I still had to fix up a few things inside my house - but they were small things.  
And I couldn't believe I had spent the last four months driving around the place getting everything done... it's been so much fun!  And today, I'm just tired from this week.  

Over the last few weeks, I've been busily working on my Crafty Pegs and organising myself financially to get into The Creative Markets here in Logan City - at Springwood State School actually - and it's just been a busy, busy month for me.  I seems I don't stop with either the pegs, the garden or organising the banking details of the car Dad's hoping to buy me for Christmas.  I'm just looking forward to getting time to myself... and soon!  However, it seems as though the next few months are going to be busy as hell!

And with tonight being Halloween, I've been busily carving away at a pumpking this morning to have it ready for tonight.  I can't wait... I hope to have some children come by.  If not?  Well, never mind.  I don't care if they don't come by, so long I celebrate All Hallow's Eve.

Until my next post for next month, take care, keep safe and warm and remember,  I'm always here.


  1. We had 20 kids all dressed up and door knocked in our street for treats

    1. I think it's because I live in a unit complex full of Islamic people and others who don't celebrate Halloween...

      Even my next door neighbour - the one who doesn't like me - pulled her 2 year old away from my door when her little girl walked to it in wonder wanting to knock on my door for lollies. In the end, she yelled at her to stop it and they went out somewhere so she didn't do that anymore.... such a sad existance, really.