Monday, October 21, 2013


Tomorrow is a big day. 

Tomorrow Mum and Dad are coming home from overseas.  I'm looking forward to seeing them and they'll be getting home in the afternoon.

I spoke to them today and told Dad that it's been very dry here - and the rain we had on Friday/Saturday was the first we had in the four months since they left.  He was disappointed, but understood if some plants were dead.  I said it's been very hot here too... I hope he's not too mad about a plant that's died.

At least the bills are paid and the house is safe and almost all the plants are okay and alive.

I'll be over at their house doing last minute things to get the place in order.  But I won't be there all day.  I still have a few things to get done here in the morning, but then around lunch time, I'll have a shower, wash my hair and get ready, then take off over there and make sure everything is ready for them.  

I can't wait until they arrive!  

Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm, and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Welcome home of your folks! I trust they had a great holiday and glad to be back home safe and sound. What was your Dad's reaction about the dead plant?

    1. he said it wasn't dead... it needed watering badly and a mineral feeding. But Gabe and Kat backed me up - along with Aunty Helen - about how hot it's been here and that we haven't had any rain until last Friday. Dad wasn't disappointed about it, or angry at me, he knew it would react like this to prolonged heat... and doesn't blame me either.

      And he saw the state of the lawn and knew it had been very hot too.