Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Weekend

I've had a weekend of being at home and catching up with housework.  Now, that's a change from my other weekends of running around, cleaning, shopping and doing other things like paying bills and driving around in preparation for Mum and Dad to get home.

Yesterday, I put out the rubbish, watered the garden, washed up, did my hand-washing and hung it out and then had breakfast.  Yeah, I had to get in and do those few things before I sat down that morning because it was going to be a hot day.
For the rest of the day, I stuffed around online for a few hours, then spent 4 hours at my Crafty Pegs work station working on a few things things for the market next month.  I created some new designs for the Cool Pencils and then got myself into working on some pegs - Dolly and Sprung.  While I was waiting for the paint to dry, I looked to my right and found a large Blue Tongue Lizard meandering past.  He was just lovely... I said hello to him, saying how lovely it was to see him again (he's a regular visitor to my garden) and he picked up speed... poor little guy must be bullied by others around the place.

By around 4pm or so, I was stuffed!  I ended up having just an egg on bread and that was it.  I watched 'Richie Rich' and didn't want to do anything else for the night as I went off upstairs to stuff around online for a while and then off to bed.
But I didn't get to sleep all that easily.  My neighbours came home late, took a shower, used their toilet and then brushed their teeth and went to bed.  The water hammer was dreadful... and it was after midnight by the time they turned out their lights.  

Today, I had Mum and Dad over for a visit - their first since I fixed up my place.  They were really impressed with my place.  The front garden was lovely.  Dad was amazed at how simplistic it was, and yet impressive.  He asked me about the silver stones and I told him where I got everything and that I built the rock wall - which Mum adored!  She said it looked so rustic!
Then, when they walked inside, it was so tidy.  She was amazed I had it tidier than normal.  I said that once I tossed out one big lot of junk, well, I found I could manage better.  But the big thing was the Crafty Pegs Work Station... once that was all sorted out and done up properly and everything there had a home and place to go, I didn't have my art shit all over the house; it had a home and it stayed right where I wanted it to.  I told them I gave away quite a few things and haven't regreted it since... as it's good karma to do that.
Then, I told Dad about the taps and spouts being done; and how much it cost.  They were shocked!  I told them I did it for a few reasons.  I had to get the sewage vet out the back fixed up and the plumber's report... so I thought to kill 3 birds with one stone.  He understood this and knew I did it for a good reason.  We went outside and Mum loved the look of the yard and sat down in one of the chairs and she said it was very comfortable... she loved how the shady area of the yard felt so peaceful.  It was then she began noticing the fairies, frogs, the metal duck and other things around the place - just as I had designed it - and she thought I had placed things around in the right places to make sure people can see things at the right times.
Dad looked around and asked how much I spent on my gardens and inside... I said it was a lot.  He wanted to know.  I told them it was more than the plumbing bill, but worth it; that I went out and bought things that were on sale, I walked around Bunnings for over an hour trying to buy the right pots at the right prices just to save myself $10 on two pots... and made the right choices in the end.  And the outdoor setting?  Well, I went for style and comfort because I loved the way it made me feel when I sat down at it while I was at Bunnings.  Mum said that was the main thing... and it is.  When you buy something like an outdoor setting, you gotta love it for everything about it - the style, the colour, stability, what does for your garden, and most of all, it's gotta be comfortable to sit down in.  And you know... Mum and Dad kept on saying they needed to get going, but they didn't get up from the chairs.  Now, that says something about it.  They asked me how much it was and where I got it from.  And Dad even told me about this stuff he wanted to paint on it to keep it from rusting on me... so he really likes it too.  

Overall, today has been a great success.  Mum loves what I did with the house and gardens.  Both of them are impressed that I have my garden flowering again and that I have fixed up my house so it'll look good if we want to sell it in the future; and it hasn't taken me much to do.
I was concerned that they weren't going to like what I had done with the place - that I had overstepped the mark somewhere, in particular the plumbing - but Dad thankfully understood where I was coming from.  He did ask me if fixing up the taps and spouts stopped the hammering... I said no, and that was one reason why I did get them done - just in case it would stop the noise - but didn't.  So, he's going to get my neighbour's landlord to do what he's supposed to do, and fix his plumbing.  I hope this gets done before Christmas... or even better, in the New Year. 

So, how was your weekend?  Busy?  Social?  Fun?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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