Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Busy Week!

If you thought my weekend was busy, well!  Ya haven't seen nothin' yet!  My week is only half over and it's very busy.

On Monday, I went to Craft Group and scored myself a sweet box of paint which was given to me by Nola.  She had a client who wasn't well and was giving away her painting gear.  There's a lot of paint which is okay, and a bit that isn't; but I'm working through it all.  but I've decided to add the box to my Crafty Pegs table, as it's well-made and very cute.  Such a pity when somebody has to give up something they love because of their health.

Yesterday, it was a stinker of a day, and a band of storms were brewing out west.  Mum went off to her Mah Jong day; which meant I had to dropp the car off over to their place early.  However, I got home after lunch... which wasn't what I had planned, but happened.
Dad was on the car hunting duties.  He took me to a few car yards and we looked at some small cars.  Oh! I never told you all!  Mum and Dad are buying me a car for Christmas!  I'll work it into my budget and it'll be great!  However, he keeps on thinking I won't be able to do this; which is something he can't see - and won't - not until it actually happens.

Today, I was at the banks working out my budget - as I planned.  I went to Suncorp and added a substantial amount of money going out into an external bank account where I'll be using it to pay for my car.  Then, I went to the other bank and worked on getting a card for the bank account I wanted the money to go into... after much stuffing around, I finally got it right, and I have more money going into my bank account for my future car per fortnight and I'll be working on making it work.  

I'm exhausted, but I'll be working on getting in an making more pegs tonight - as planned.  And then, Dad wants me to go out tomorrow with him and look for more cars.  I'm so tired, but it's all up to how he feels too.  He's had some sun cancers taken off him, so I think he should take it easy for a while before running around too much after having those done.  But he's insisting that he's okay... I hope so, because I'll have to tell him that I need a day off from running around on Friday; as I've been out every day.  

So, how's your week been so far?  Good and busy?  Or nice and slow?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Good luck in finding the right vehicle to buy!

    1. Thanks. Dad and I are both looking at car yards and asking around. The one difference I've found with car salesmen is that they're not always trying to sell a car, they'll talk to you as a person... not just push all the time. This is good.