Thursday, October 17, 2013

Four Months of Driving

It's been four months since I began driving a car and I've loved it and hated it at the same time.  I love the freedom I've had; and hated the idiots who think they own the road because they've been on there longer than I have.  I can't stand the 'P' Platers who fiddle and fart around in their cars putting on make-up and twiddling with their hair, who indicate too little - or not at all - when changing lanes, and I hate it when it's the end of the day, everyone's tired, and there's always some dumbarse in my blind spot who thinks I can see them - and I can't - and they wonder why I nearly run them off the road when I change lanes on them and don't see them.  Then, they grumble and mutter while sitting right up the arse of my car thinking I'll be intimidated by them sitting there when it'll get them exactly - well - nowhere really fast.

I'm a veteran driver who had to give away driving 15 years ago or so because I have Epilepsy.  Now back then there were nutty drivers everywhere, I owned a gorgeous Celica and 'Little Vroom' and I went everywhere and anywhere together... I had music blaring out of the speakers and I loved driving.  I had people trying to run me off the road all the time, but I learned to drive offensively and I didn't care who I cut off, so long I could get home safely.  And I never told my parents how rough it got out there.  But I did wonder if they knew... I'm not sure if they did.

Now all these years later, I'm driving again.  And even though I'm in a big 6 cylinder Pajero 4X4, I have no idea how people don't see me... I mean, it's twice the size of my old red Celica and has a louder, greedier engine... so just how in the hell nobody sees this vehicle on the road is beyond me.
But I've had people just pull out in front of me without looking (and these are people who are 60+ who think they own the road) and when I beep the horn, they flip me the bird!  I never cut people off - well not on purpose - and this man thought he's just pull out from the kurb and into traffic without looking and cut me off... I nearly ran up the backside of his car!  Now, you can imagine my frustration, can't you?

It's amazing what happens once people get their license... the laziness, the sheer weirdness they get up to and think it's okay.  I try to keep my driving as normal as possible these days - unlike when I was younger - as I don't with to break any laws I can't afford to pay for; seeing how strict things are these days.  So, what things bug you when you drive?  Or do you wish to keep quiet about it?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.


  1. intends to drive almost daily. The most drivers I find difficult and impatient are mothers in 4WDs. They think they own the school and intend to road rage at school zones!! Now I learnt not to pick up my kids early at carparks. I wait for about 20 mins to make sure all the impatient parents are gone before I show up.

    1. I'm not an impatient driver, but I do find people get on my nerves when they're out there on the road and forget which lane they're supposed to be in.

      For example today, I was driving along Kingston Road, on the way home from volunteer work (I was there a few hours as a favour) and the driver in front of me in the left lane crossed over into the turning lane two lanes over, cutting off a ute! Sure he indicated, but it was while it was raining and it was a very dangerous thing to do... they could have found another way around to get to where they were going... and they weren't a 'P' plater either.