Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September's Something Different!

September was very busy; but not in the way you'd think.  I concentrated on just one thing; which seem to feel a little monotonous, but getting this thing off the ground has been well worth the trouble and boring bits.  

I started my own small business on Facebook.  

I have wanted to do this for such a long time, I've not known where to start.  So, when my attempts to get my Crafty Pegs failed at the Logan Art Gallery last month, and then I was turned away from the Kingston Butter Factory a few weeks later (in an even worse fashion by a snotty old lady who said that 'anyone can paint a peg') I had one of my writer friends suggest that I open a business page on Facebook.  And so, on 1st, September, I did!  It took me a little over 3 hours to get it all set up, find all the photos I've taken of my pegs and set up photo albumes and then invite all my friends to 'Like' my page... and then I waited for 24 hours.

Then, I needed a work station.  This caused me to work on the art area to make it more efficient, tidier and easier to use, store and find things I needed.  So, I cleaned out the big black box and gave it away to a neighbour who needed it for his stuff.  Then, I was living out of 'green bags' for about a fortnight.  Within those two weeks, I bought a new table and a set of shelves.  I had to get business cards, set up, boxes with all my Crafty Pegs gear, get more ideas for other things to paint.  Had places to put my other art junk and had to find a new chair.  All up the art area cost me $100 - $25 for a table, $25 for a chair from IKEA and $50 for a set of shelves from Sam's Warehouse.  Not too bad when you think about how much I use it all.  And I'm really happy that the light I'm using now is a really old one from years ago.  

In between doing all this, I was floating between homes because of my next door neighbour doing laundry at 11pm at night.  The water hammer was driving me to distraction - and causing me to lose sleep.  I was over at her place asking her to stop it until the next day.  But my neighbour isn't a nice person, so I e-mailed Body Corporate - who sent on my e-mails to her landlord who set her straight.  He also sent me insulting e-mails back accusing me of 'defammation of character' and for me to cease e-mailing him or else!  I wasn't taking that crap, and he was wrong - I never defamed him, called him a name or did anything to insult him in any way shape or form... and if I was going to, I'd do it in a better way than in a stupid e-mail.
He asked me for a plumber's report and he'd look into fixing up the problems on his side of the fence.  I spent 2 weeks looking for my plumber, who came by and sent me a report to send onto my neighbour's landlord... to date, it's been a fortnight and nothing has been done.  So, I'll wait until Dad get's home.

But mainly, I've been feeling as though I've been bullied out of my own home by people who are renters.  So, I've dug in my heels and stuck to my guns about exactly who lives here.  My neighbour has slammed doors, when I've been doing ordinary things (like mowing my lawn with a spin-reel mower during that afternoon hours of around 3pm.  and I'm not hte only one she does that to).  And I still know when she flushes the toilet at 11:30pm just before she goes to bed (yes, she finally keeps ordinary hours now).  

Now, it's October. I've been looking forward to this month.  It's well and truly Spring.  A lot of plants in my garden are coming into flower and beginning to leaf for the Summer.  My Gloxinia is pushing through the dirt of a new pot; as is my Fragipanni and I have a whole lot of new things happening in my life right now.  I'm saving up for a new outdoor setting and everything is going well.  Right now, I'm waiting for the plumber to arrive... he's fixing up something big in my home.  He's replacing all my taps and spouts and a sewage vent in the back yard.... and I'm looking so very forward to them being replaced!  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.  


  1. I hope you kept the sent email to the Body Corporate! They were the ones who forward your email to your neighbour's landlord. Her landlord (or the real estate agent involved) should be more responsible by checking on his/her property themselves. But to me I don't think this landlord gives too hoots about it! All he/she cares about is getting the tenant's rent money!!

    1. Too true... I've since had my plumber out and he's fixed up my taps and spouts... I still get hammer from next door. What I was going to do was sent and resend the plumber's report until it drove him nuts... but that's just stalking him.

      Instead, I'll wait until Dad comes home. He's the Chairperson of the Body Corporate... he'll light a fire under the landlord and we'll see what happens next. :)