Sunday, September 29, 2013

Not Long Now

The end of September is coming and it's not long now until my birthday - it's on this Saturday actually.  I've got a little art thing planned with some friends I'm sure I'll enjoy.  It'll be the first time I'll have visitors here to see my new house, new bedroom suite and how much I've done with the house.  

It's not long now until my folks come home from overseas.  Under a month in fact.  They've had a ball!  I know from all the postcards and they've sent home 4 huge parcels which I've put into the spare room in their house so their not sitting out.  
And with them not far from their due date home, I've been working on their yard.  I've bought lawn food and begun looking at fixing up the yard for them to make it look good.  Fortunately, we had some rain after I mowed the front lawn and now it looks close to normal.  I've yet to get back over there to fix it up again and do more work.

It's not long now until my house is finished with its Four Month Make-over.  I've done so much and yet I still feel it's not finished.  There's a lot I still wish to do with the place.  I still want the outdoor setting from Bunnings, the loungeroom cleaned up, some plants out the back repotted into new pots, get rid of the old bedroom suite in the car port... yes, it's not long now until the end of the makeover and yet there's still so much to do to make it finished and complete. But still, I'll find other things that aren't quite right, won't I?

It's not long now until Halloween and Christmas.  I love these times of years.  Both are Pagan Holidays and I delve right into them.  I carve pumpkins on Halloween and dress up my house and enjoy the act of All Hallow's Eve.  And with Christmas, I adore dressing up my house in the pagan colours and dressing my tree.  Yes, Christmas is originally a Pagan Holiday until the church hijacked it and said that Jesus was born over that time... when he was really born in the Fall/Autumn.  We don't really celebrate Christmas that much in my family; we see it as family time and to give gifts to each other as much as possible to show how much we love each other.

It's not long now until the end of the year.  September's almost gone, and Octobers beginning in a few days.  The Melbourne Cup will be here after Halloween and then Christmas and New Year's Eve... what a great, full time of celebrations we have ahead.

yeah... not long now.

Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you will have a great day with your art friends.

    1. Thank you! I'm sure I will. I received a text from my Aunty Helen asking me out for lunch with my cousin Kate and Oma too.... at the Lion's Den on Friday. :) Seeing Gabe and Kat don't want to be anywhere near me on my birthday, I'm going to have lunch with Aunty Helen and have a bit of an arty party on Saturday.