Sunday, September 8, 2013

Eleven Years

The day is coming to an end, the sun is making shadows pull long as its warmth shines still for this long Sunday afternoon.  And being the 8th, September, I in two minds in being here in this unit complex for this long.  

I wanted to move 5 years ago, but Dad wouldn't uproot me.  It was because he had only just bought the place, but now, it's been a while and even my brother thinks it's time for me to move from here.  But that's neither here nor there right now.

The Federal Election was yesterday and we now have a new Prime Minister to lead our country - not the one I voted for - but he's not exactly who anyone wants either and he's here for a bit.  I wonder what he's going to do to our way of living?  Guess we'll find out soon enough.

Today, I was up nice and early to go and get the paper and a bottle of milk.  I made pancakes, read some of the paper, and then hit the computer for a bit before I decided it was time to go out and see if I could get some business cards for my Crafty Pegs business; but Office Works was going to charge through the nose for something I had no control over.  Their site didn't exactly tell me to go and design on on picmonkey, ipiccy or Publisher or anything like that, it just expected people to know we had to do that... and the people instore were just as helpful too.  They thought I had one already to print up on my thumb drive; which I didn't.  I was back at square one.
So, I decided to get my butt out there again and work on buying a few things for my Crafty Pegs business.  I bought a few plain pencils to paint up, a receipt book and a journal to write down people's orders and addresses in.  
Then, I was off to Bunnings and looking for Dolly Pegs.  These are harder to find than a do-do bird.  I search there, then went to Big-W, the Choice Store and then thought to get itty-bitty pegs and little buckets for them, but was out of money by that time.  So, I came home with my little store of things for my business:  3 tubes of paint, a bulk-buy of spring-loaded pegs (from Bunnings), then a receipt book, a journal and 10 plain wood pencils to work on (from Office Works) and that was it... I was out of cash.  Oh well, I tried.  I'll have to wait until later this week to get more stuff; but mainly my new art cabinet from Sam's Warehouse.  I can't wait.  

I'm going to be busy this week.  There's my first sale tomorrow, then opening a bank account at my bank, then Craft Group, then, I come home.  Then, I'll off on Wednesday shopping for groceries and looking for Dolly Pegs.  Then, on Friday, I'm supposed to go to an art thing in the city and stay overnight at Geoff and Vivienne's house... but I don't know if I'll be out for that as this week will be busy as hell and they have a visitor staying there already and there's nowhere really for me to sleep.  So, I might not go to the art thing.  Anyway, I might just get my business cards on Friday and get myself some publicity and hand out cards at the Logan Art Gallery (if they'll let me do that).
So, how was your weekend?  All good I hope.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here. 

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