Thursday, September 26, 2013

What A Stinker!

Now, I mean that in the way of the weather, not in smells.  It was a real steamer today and I decided to stay at home until I really, seriously needed to go out to get things done.

So, at around 12:30pm, I put on some make-up, no earrings and the coolest shoes I owned and went to Logan Central to get some Muslin for next week.  Then, I picked up Season 8 of 'Supernatural' I paid off yesterday - as it arrived today - and then I was off to Springwood for a Chiropractic appointment.  On the way there, I picked up some Hank's Root Beer to leave at Mum and Dad's place.
But when I arrived, I found one of their treet had major damage to it.  I wondered what the hell happened to it!  So, I had a closer look at it and it looked like it had been hit by something; as a lot of bark had been taken off the tree from about half a metre up and up until the first branch (around 2 metres off the ground).  This wasn't the kind of tree you can easily peel bark off of... it's thick, dark and splintery.  So, I asked the chiropractor's down the road and they said there hadn't been any rumours of any accidents around the place.  I even called the police to see if there had been any accidents on the street where a car hit a tree and the Sergeant said no.  He asked if the tree was out the front of the house, I said yes, but it was old, and it's a tree that has been sick for a while.  So, it looks like I have to talk to Gabe about it and see where we go from there.  

Today I wanted to get a lot of stuff done around Mum and Dad's house.  But it was so darn hot, I thought to leave it all alone until tomorrow and the weekend.  So, I left the Root Beer in the fridge to cool off overnight and will be taking some Cranberry juice with me too.  I'll be working on the yard tomorrow and might stay overnight to work on the yard more over the weekend.  There's a lot to do and clean up.  I have pruning, weeding, mowing and then feeding the lawn to get into and then the watering part... I might just do it a little at a time and see how far I get.  I hope it does cool down enough for me to work on their yard.  
I looked around for 'Guts' the Magpie, but he wasn't around.  I don't think I'll be seeing him again - not after what happened the other week.  I have looked for him but he's not coming back - the poor guy - I really did what I thought was best for him.  And today I had to get the wheelbarrow out and clean up the bark from out the front.  There was a lot!  Here's the photos of the damage... and if you know what's wrong, please do let me know in the comments.

Tree damage1 

Tree damage2 

Tree damage3 

Well, I don't have much more to say.  The AFL Grand Final is on this Saturday, so I'll be home for that, and working away on my Crafty Pegs or writing for the day while the tv will be going.  Other than that, I'm hoping the Hawks will win!  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.


  1. It might be possible the tree has a disease. Once someone removes the tree, check the root system to see if they are knotted up. Also check for termites in that area!

    1. Well, we'll have to wait until Dad returns from holidays... we can't just have it removed without his approval. Besides, he knew it was sick, and should have had something done about it before he went away.