Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Saving Up Again

As you all know, I've been taking on a Four Month Makeover of my house.  It's been a huge project and I've totally enjoyed the challenge - and there have been times where I've had to take a week or two off - but I've jumped straight back into it again and been enjoying the time cleaning out, straightening up and organising.

Now has come the time again for me to sit back and wait.  It's been such a roller-coaster ride of work, work, work that sitting down and waiting for money to save up again is hard to do.  But I do have work to do here with my new Crafty Pegs business, so that'll keep me busy, and I still have some housework that has been neglected since I started too.

I'm saving up for a little table and chairs set made from wrought iron that I spotted at Bunnings which is going to cost me around $140.  Now, I did look around at freecycle and givet before I decided to get in and buy this piece but nobody was selling one or giving it away.  So, I'm stuck with buying one brand new.  I also looked around The Trading Post site too and there was nothing there I could find within Brisbane or the Gold Coast that I could get that wasn't over-priced.  And for $140, I'm getting a sweet deal really seeing that most people who sell through the classifides think their furniture is worth more than it really is.

But in reality, my Four Month Makeover is almost finished... I have to only do a few more little things and that's it really.  I'm so pleased to say that if I didn't have access to a car, I wouldn't have been able to get all the things I wanted to get done completed... but then, the stuff I've gotten done isn't really finished, it's just something I have begun, hasn't it?

Today, I'm at home to get into the housework, wash up, wash the floors, vacuum and sweep out the car port.  I was hoping to drive out and price the Car Lovers place on Logan Road, but I think I'll wait until the time Mum and Dad come home from holidays before I take it in to be washed so it's cleaner for Mum.  I will rinse it off over the next few days or so.  But I still have to get rid of the old bedroom furniture from 4 months ago.  Yes, I still haven't given it away, sold it or been able to dump it because givvet hasn't sent anyone to pick it up, I haven't been able to get anyone from a charity to pick it up, and nobody will help me dump it.  I also have a dryer in my house which is a fire hazard, and yet I can't get rid of that either.  I don't want it and it's still hanging up on my wall, unplugged and as useful as a screen door on a submarine.  So, I still have things to get rid of around my house that are big things; things that have been around here for a long time and make my place look horrible.

Well, I guess I'll have to wait until next month for help, for somebody to get rid of these items for me.  I've done the best I can with them so far.  But they're still a pain the butt, and it's not my choice to have them still around my place.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm still here.

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