Monday, September 16, 2013

Wet Monday

It's raining.  Yep, I woke this morning to a cloudy sky and cool temperatures.  Then, after a nice hot shower, I sat down to nice hot bowl of porridge with bananas and dried cranberries and looked outside to find it was raining.... wonderful!  I'm serious!  I'm so happy to see the rain finally here.  
It's been so long since we have had rain that I thought it would never come.  Now, it's around 5pm in the afternoon and the day is really dull - so much so, I have had to turn on a light in the office to see where I'm going.

But I've had a long day out and about.  I'm glad I did get out today, as I spent my weekend here at home.  it was a nice quiet one where I could relax and sleep here for once.  And seeing I haven't been able to sleep here for a while, it's been nice to catch up with what I've wanted to do here instead of at my parents' house.  But the time is coming where I will have to get over there and work on their house to make it ready for them to return home.
There's vacuuming and dusting to get done, their bed sheets to change, the whole house to open up and air out, shopping to get done and floors to wash.  I have the lawn to look after too as it looks a little dead from the very dry Winter we've had.  So, lawn food is called for.
Anyway, a lot of this stuff won't take too long and I'm hoping it'll be okay for me get on with what still needs to be done here.  I have a modeling thing to do, my birthday to organise (and Gabe and Kat are helping we with that) and then there's the folks coming home... we can't wait until that happens.

I have had a good time with the use of the car.  However, I do think Dad thinks I'm going to live at their house for the next few months... I don't know what they think I do in my life, but there's more to me than they think.  Gabe's noticed how trapped I've been without a car as he and Kat visited last Saturday and saw a huge difference in my place when they walked through my door.  It was tidier, more organised, he found I had thrown out a lot of stuff and my garden was looking better (out the front and the back yard too).  It's something he hadn't really taken note of until I began driving again... and that's hard when people don't notice that kind thing.  What's going to be hard is when Mum takes back her car... wow... jeez, that's going to be a big gap in my life again.  I'll have to ask for the use of it and not just jump in it and go.

But that'll be a bit down the road and after they return.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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