Saturday, September 14, 2013

Back Home Again

I came home yesterday.  I miss being in my own place, my bed and doing my own thing.  Besides, my house was pigstye and really needed cleaning up because Gabe and Kat were coming over to visit.

Anyway, I arrived home and found the neighbours were very quiet.  They didn't use their taps unless they really needed to and she did a laundry run at around 4pm instead of midnight.  I'm happy about this, but how long it'll last for is something to be seen.

Today, Gabe and Kat arrived here and they were really impressed at how much I've gotten done around here.  Gabe loved the shelving unit I bought at Sam's Warehouse and Kat needed a rest so caught some zeds on my bed; which she loved!  She said the mattress was so lovely and firm and the blanket was nice and warm as was the duvet.  
But I also let them into a project I'm getting done here with the plumber.  I'm getting all my plastic taps replaced with chrome ones because the plastic ones are old and cracked.  And then he's also fixing up sewage venting hole in the backyard which has been left open for the last 7 years; and isn't meant to be like that, so he said he'd fix that too.  Gabe reckons it'll give the place a little more class and make it easier to sell too.  Also, he's happy that I've gotten out in the car a lot too - more than he realised I would. 
Then, while we were at lunch at a Turkish place at The Underwood Marketplace, he commented that he hadn't realised how trapped I had been without a car.  I said that before I began driving again, it would take me 4 - 5 hours to get one thing done; if I was lucky.  I'd have to catch the bus to where I was going, make sure I could do what I needed to do, or get what I could get, pay for delivery if needs be, and then catch a bus - or 2 - home.  By that time, it would be late afternoon and I'd only just beat the delivery of my item home... he shook his head not realising things took so long.  I said that with a car, I could get 4 or 5 things done in 3 hours and be home and have the afternoon to myself to wash up from the morning, pull in the laundry and pay the bills.  It made life so much easier.  And grocery shopping has been cut in half because I get my fruit and veggies on the way to Coles, and I'm home a bit after midday.

Before lunch, we were at IKEA.  Man!  I truly hate that place.  It's so full of crap and things we need - and yet don't - and then we all get lost on the way out that I don't go there very often.  This was first time in over 2 years I've been there and I nearly got lost twice.  Gabe and Kat were looking at buying a new lounge, but they have to measure their old one first as there were so many to pick from.  Then, I was there to chose a chair for my art area - one which is swivell and is on wheels for easy movement, and it doesn't take up much room.  Well, I found my chair and then, a new strainer for my washing up for my knives and forks.  Then, I found a small sifter that was perfect for when I make pizzas.  All up I spent around $35.00... not bad for a day out at a massive Danish furniture store full of crap I don't need.

Well, how was your Saturday?  All good I hope.  Mine was good and full of visitors, shopping and new things from IKEA.  But we had fun while we were there.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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