Friday, October 11, 2013

Thank the Gods It's Friday!

Even though it's been a short little week, I've packed more stuff and outings into it than I ever thought possible.  On Sunday and Monday, I was recovering from my modelling gig on Saturday (a fair bit of me hurt from that day - mainly my feet and legs).  So, I slept and took it easy.
But once Tuesday was here, so were the lower temps.  I grabbed all the money, Bunnings vouchers and car keys and took off to Bunnings and picked up my outdoor setting I've been crushing on for the last 2 months.  Yes!  I finally picked up the major piece of furniture for outside that will make my little garden look like a haven for me.  Now, all I need to do it add a few more little pots for the plants that have outgrown the ones they're in, and the place will be right until next year.  I've already kicked back in one of those lovely chairs this week after shopping and totally enjoyed it - not wanting to get myself out it as it was just lovely and cool in the shade.  So, yes, my choice in this outdoor setting was perfect!

But after Tuesday, my week seemed to speed up - not slow down.  On Wednesday, I was off to do my shopping day.  I got away well before 9am so I could get all my shopping done in as little time as possible and return home well before the heat of the day was upon us.  I did get home at the right time (about half and hour before I usually do) but with $40 less in my pocket.  I bought a few things I needed that weren't on my list.  Oh well, doesn't matter, at least I knew I needed them.
Then, on Thursday, I was out again.  I took off to Bunnings and searched high and low for a pot for one of the plants next to my back door.  I found the pot and was meant to get sandpaper for my Crafty Pegs hobby business - but forgot.  Darn!  So, there I was sitting in traffic almost at IKEA when I remembered that I was I supposed to get the sandpaper.  Oh well, doesn't matter.  Next time!  
Once at IKEA, I got lost not once but twice!  I couldn't find the folding 2-step ladder I wanted for the kitchen and - what was worse - was that I couldn't find a staff member to save my life.  So, I looked around for one who was using a computer.  And what do you know?  I found one!  Yay!  The ladder I wanted was out of stock, so I bought one that was $10 more expensive and black... well, at least I can get to things on the top shelf now.  And the ladder comes with a hanger; which is just as great - but the hanger doesn't come with screws... which is just, well, dumb!
Once I got my butt out of IKEA, I headed over to Mum and Dad's place to drop off their big red esky and to water their plants.  Yeah, it was the middle of the day, but all the plants were in the shade.  So, I stuck around for a good 45 minutes and made sure the plants were well watered before taking off to the doctor's to drop off a Medicare cheque and then ask if there was an appointment available this arvo - fortunately there was - and so I returned 20 minutes later and saw one of the doctors to have her look at a spot I had noticed on my head but didn't know what it was.  Seeing I have a history of sun cancer, I didn't want it turning into something bad by ignoring it.  Fortunately, it's nothing and she said it's harmless and shows up on everyone and is a blister of blood but doesn't need removing or anything.  You can imagine how relieved I am!
After paying the gap, I walked off to Sam's Warehouse to look at their planter pots and found a nice square one for $15.00.  Well, I added that to the cargo of a planter pot from Bunnings and the ladder from IKEA... then I drove home.  In between all this, I had had lunch at Rocky's Bakehouse & Cafe down the road on my folks.  Mum said to go and do that and enjoy a lunch when I had the time; and yesterday was the day I had the time.  
Today... I'm catching up with my housework.  So far, I've changed a lightbulb in my spare room/office, put out 4 loads of washing on the clothes line, did some washing up in the kitchen, put a lamp back downstairs and cleaned the Crafty Pegs table (including the sticky mark off the corner where the bar code was with WD-40).  That was all done before 10am.  This arvo, after 1pm, I'll be cleaning up the place as I'm going to have a friend over for dinner before he moves out of the complex.  Ian has been a good friend to me and I offered dinner to him last night to show how much I appreciate him as a friend.  He asked what we'd be having, I told him home made pizza; he said he'd be here!  
Tomorrow, I'll be at my folks' place to wash Mum's car; it's filthy!  So, I'll take it out into their backyard and wash it there to water the lawn and wash it at the same time... and seeing the day will be a lot nicer and cooler, it'll be a nicer afternoon too.  Also tomorrow, I'll be cleaning out the fridge, changing the sheets on their bed and cleaning the house a bit in preparation for when they arrive home.  It won't take long, and I'm sure they'll appreciate it.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Understands on how your neighour feels when it comes to packing and moving.

    1. You know, he was so releaved that he didn't have to cook last night... and he and I sat out the back on my new outdoor setting and waited for the oven timer to go off chatting... he reckoned my yard was just nice.... except the mozzies made a meal out of us! That was something I fixed this morning when I tossed out the old plants in buckets of water... now there's no mozzies, a nice garden and I can sit out there and enjoy the Summer afternoons :D