Saturday, October 19, 2013

Woah! What a day!

Today, I looked at my list of things to do and knew I wouldn't have time to scratch - well, okay, maybe an hour - but I was going to be busy!

I went out to do the big shop for Mum and Dad before they return home from overseas on Tuesday morning.  Now, normally, it's just milk, bread, some eggs, bacon and a few little things.  However, with them being away for so long, I have had to rethink about how to approach this.
So, I made proper shopping list a few days ago, organised myself some serious money from their account and took off soon after 9am - and after making sure I ate all my breakfast and wished my brother a happy 42nd birthday.

Shopping took me 3 hours to do.  I went to The Big Apple down the road and then took off to Coles, parked as close as I could to the Coles end and did a huge shop for Mum and Dad; buying all they'd need in the first week of arriving home.  
I got them ice cream, chocolates, ham, bacon, organic chicken thighs, chips/crisps, corn chips, milk, butter and... well, everything else I could think of they'd want to use.  I know they have a shopping centre down the road from them, but when they arrive home, they'll be thinking about washing their clothes and unpacking, not wanting to shop for essentials.  So, I've done that thinking for them.

Once at their place, I unpacked everything and put it all away, then sat down for an hour... I just had to because I needed it.
Then, I back into it.  I washed the kitchen floors, along with the bathroom and toilet floors, then vacuumed and dusted everywhere.  It was all done within a couple of hours.  After that, I washed and wiped up, after changing all the towels in the house, and then packed up all my gear and took off home.  By this time, it was around 3pm. 
On the way home, I spotted that petrol was 147.9 for unleaded; so I put $30 into the tank and now... now I'm home - thankfully.  I'm so tired!  All I want to do is crawl into bed and go to sleep; yep, I'm that tired. 

And now, this leaves me open for tomorrow to be a day to myself.  Then, on Monday, I'll pack up the car, take all Mum's gear to her house and unpack the car totally at their place, go to Craft Group and have a clean car to take to the airport on Tuesday morning... well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Your parents will be happy to arrive home to a clean dwelling and food in the pantry/refridge. I can't see them unpacking their suitcases first up as they might be too tired from a long plane ride.

    1. Well, they've only got the Cook Islands to come home from... so it's not that far really. But there's a connecting flight through Auckland, so it's a busy day to get through.