Friday, October 25, 2013

Busy Old Week

It's been a busy week for me.  And it's not going to stop, as we cruise into the weekend.  On Tuesday, my folks returned from their 4-month holiday overseas.  They had a wonderful trip and are thankful to be back!  
Mum's happy her Pajero is travelling well - still in one piece, I haven't run into anything with it and it's not running roughly.  And they were both impressed I got the antenna fixed through the family; and so when she went to the hairdressers today, she watched happily as it went up automatically as soon as the engine started; and the signal was strong too.

Dad caught up with e-mails and other things he had to over the phone.  Meanwhile I sat out in the front room painting up pegs and working on the collection for next month's Creative Markets at Springwood.  I can't wait until it's all pulled together.

But the rest of the week has been busy.  I did my shopping on Wednesday.  I did some laundry on Thursday and worked out somethings here too, as well as delivered some parcels that were slow in arriving from overseas to Mum and Dad.  I also spent the afternoon with them as they gave me my Birthday present.  Dad really hated it that they missed my birthday; and wished they hadn't.

Yesterday, I bought my first item on e-bay with a Load&Go card I bought at the post office.  It was very cool!  I looked up Dolly Pegs and found them on there - but they there from the UK, none were found in Australia.  Damn!  Well... I had a good look at them and put in the card number, expiry and the number on the back (just like a regular credit card; but it's not!  I have money in it and it only uses the money on the card - and it's even better and safer now I have registered the card that nobody else can use it but me).  Then, I received a receipt number and an e-mail from the seller who posted it off later that afternoon!  Very cool!  The coolest thing yet, though, was that the pegs are coming from Kibworth!  This is a little town I've been to visit in 1997!  One of my friends lived there way back when I was touring around the UK, and I got to visit her and her Mum... I loved the place and bought Mum's little teddy bear from 'The Gift Shoppe' there.  All I need to do is wait for the pegs to arrive and then get in and paint them up.

Anyway, I'm stoked about this.  Otherwise, I'm painting up others I've managed to get - but only in dozen set packs for $2.00 a pack at at junk store.  But I need them in bulk. So, it's e-bay I'll be haunting to find them.  So, I'll be a busy painter for a while.  How has your week been going?  Until my next post, take care keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.


  1. What's a Load and Go card? Does it work the same like a card you use for public transport? Where you keep topping up the amount required to use.

    1. A Load&Go card is a card you get from the post office which was put out by VISA and it works just like a VISA card, but it's not. It's a debit card where you register it online, put your own money on it and spend it online... and you don't owe anyone anything... it's completely safe and you can use it at the touch&go things at the checkouts too - just like a credit card - because it's got a chip in it.

      I'm going to use mine only for online shopping for dolly pegs and things for my Crafty Pegs business.

      It is very fiddly to get it all set up - but once you do, it's great!