Sunday, October 6, 2013

My Birthday Was.....

... spent taking a friend to hospital.  Yeah, not what I really wanted to do, but I had to.  Geoff showed up at my place ready to help celebrate my 40th and within minutes began to feel sick.  Within around half and hour I had the ambulance there at my place and he was laying down on my bed looking horrible, red and his hands were clammy.  And yet the ambos said he was okay.  They took him off to hospital anyway and I followed them there. 
Once at Logan Hospital, I didn't know where to go.  You see, I'm usually the one being taken to the hospital in the back of one those big red and white buses... not the scared friend following that thing to the place.  So, I had to figure out my way there and home; really weirda and hard to make out I knew where I was going, when really I just guessing.

Well, I got there, got really impatient with the nursing staff - and didn't mean to - and then had to wait for a bit before they'd let me see him.  Once I did, I helped by just being there for Geoff.  He looked a lot better than he at my place.  But I was told to go back to my place as we were expecting another friend by around 2pm and it was half an hour away from that by that time... okay, time was getting away from us!  So, I drove back to my place (and didn't get lost) and then Mick showed up and we sat around for an hour or so and waited for Geoff to call us to pick him up.  This time, I remembered how to get to the hospital and back.  

Once back at my place, I got some food into Geoff.  He was starving... so I made up a platter of cheeses, grapes, nuts and cranberries; all the good and healthy foods and no junk.  I had a bottle of Root Beer and we all sat outside and ate some of the food before we decided to start on our work.
You see, I wanted to get in and do some modelling for some artists on my birthday at my place.  I was hoping to earn some cash.  So, I organised my place to have the room and feel of a studio; and it did.  I had picked out some vinyls, some costumes and thought of some poses to do and we were finally getting into working.  I did 20 minutes poses - four of them - and it worked out well.  We listened to Santana, INXS and totally enjoyed a cake that Geoff made and the day turned around for us.  Now, today, I'm sore through my legs and a bit of my back and shoulders as the soreness catches up with me; not to mention tired.  I used costume to make the whole thing a bit more of a challenge and it really made a difference.  By around 9pm, we had finished and I saw Geoff and Mick's work and they said they totally enjoyed the art... and were stuffed too.  I made some plunger coffee and by around 10pm, they were on their way home.  
I washed up a bit before locking up the house and finally checking the e-mails and going to bed.  I crashed and woke up to my alarm at 6am.  I'm still tired, but I made $35 last night for 3 hours work.  Totally worth the sore muscles from modelling.  And my friend, Geoff, is feeling tired, but he's told me he's feeling better than he was yesterday.

So, today, I'm here at home just chilling out.  I'll be taking down the decorations from my birthday, washing up, putting out the rubbish and plainly tidying up from yesterday... just little things to get me ready for this week.
For example, I've realised that I'm looking at being able to pick up the outdoor setting I've had my eye on for the last month on Tuesday!!!  Yay!  I was going to do that today, but I don't really feel up to driving a car.  So, that is something to look forward to.... and one step closer to finishing my garden.  There are park benches to go yet, but I'll get them in time... one at a time... as they're not cheap; and I love the look of them.  They'll be to replace the old outdoor chairs as they're beginning to fall apart now too, and so to have my place looking as pretty as possible is my main ideal, and the outdoor setting comes first, then the seats, and it'll look just the way I want it to.  However, the seats will be done up by next year.

Well, that's been my weekend.  How's yours been?  As busy and strange as mine?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.  

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