Friday, October 4, 2013

Birthday Celebrations Begin!

Tomorrow I'm turning 40.  Yep... life is supposed to begin at that age, but I guess I'm beginning the partying early!  Anyway, I've been receiving things in the mail this week and decided to wait until tomorrow to open them for my birthday.

On Monday, I received a big box in the mail from my brother and his girlfriend and he told me it was an early Birthday pressie... so it's been sitting in my living room for the last 4 days looking at me until tomorrow morning when I rip it open!  
Then, today, I opened my PO Box and found another parcel has been delivered just in time for my birthday.  This one was from my Bookcrossing Birthday Buddy - Wendy - from across town.  So, I added that to the big box in the corner of the living room.

However, I was going out today to have lunch with Aunty Helen, Kate and Oma at The Lion's Den at Springwood.  I arrived there on time and looked around to see just another football club.  I'm not a Lions Supporter, so I didn't join up.  Anyway, before long, Kate showed up and we picked out a table and she gave me a card with some money in it.  She didn't know what to buy me, but it doesn't matter, I'm putting the money towards my outdoor setting; and told her I was saving up for one at Bunnings I'd found.  Then, Aunty Helen and Oma showed up and Aunty Helen gave me two $20 Bunnings Vouchers!  She noticed I had been to and from Bunnings a lot and thought I'd enjoy a bit of help with the money side of it.  Kate said what I was doing at the moment and she suggested looking on e-bay and online for a outdoor setting; but I said that's what I had done first, but nobody was giving away one or selling anything like what I was looking for.  But the one at Bunnings folds up and I can put it away in a storm so it doesn't get thrown around; which she thought was a great idea.  
We had a lovely lunch.  Aunty Helen talked about Italy and Venice and Rome and it was so great to hear about those places.  Then, Kate had to take off to a hair appointment, and we all finished up our meals and were off to McDonalds for coffee.  Boy!  This place was busy as hell!  We sat down and Aunty Helen bought the coffee and we relaxed a little as we chatted more about everything.  Before long, it was time to go.  So, I walked Aunty Helen and Oma out to their car and I then I found my car and went to Mum and Dad's place to borrow the red esky for tomorrow and put some ice packs in it and brought it home.

Tomorrow, I'm having friends over to have a little get-together.  It'll be fun.  I can't wait to get it all working and together.  I have to put up some streamers and balloons and then it'll all be ready; but I'll be doing that tonight.  Anyway, I've had a full day I have some things to get done.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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