Thursday, November 7, 2013

Working Hard This Week

It's Thursday and I've been working very hard this week on Crafty Pegs, on looking at getting rid of the old bedroom suite and trying to clean up my house.

Well, okay, most of this is getting done.

It's a pay week and so I got the grocery shopping done, went and bought myself a bum bag for the markets and a cheap-arse calculator (so I can figure out the change for people the at the Creative Markets at the end of this month) and then, I worked out which boxes I'll be taking with me, so I don't have to buy another box.
Then, I figured out which table cloth I wanted to use for the display; as well as the table.  However, I thought I had to buy another table - or borrow one - and Mum offered up a spare one at their place.  She's impressed at how organised I am right now, and happy that I'm working very hard at my stock.  I'm making sure I have a lot of work done before I need to varnish anything, then, once it's all dry, I wrap it all up in celophane and then I'm back at it again... working again to get numbers of items up again.  I'm not doing certain sets right now, just getting as many pegs painted up with designs, then varnish them and then, after that, I'll sort out the sets when I'm ready to pack them up.  It makes more sense that way. 

On Tuesday, I gave work a rest and went out for Melbourne Cup Day.  Mum, Dad and I went out and had fun at a friend's place where we enjoyed a sweepstakes.  I made a bet at the TAB before arriving at my folks' house and then, we had lunch at their place (our friend's place) and the race was on!  My horses came in first and second!  Yay!  I won $48 a piece at the the sweeps and at the TAB!  However, I only won once at the latter... oh well, at least I won something there.  How did you all go on the Melbourne Cup?  Win anything?  If not, did you make a bet to begin with?  If not, oh well, maybe you're not the betting type.  I only make one bet a year, and it's usually on this race.

Anyway, I had a couple of early nights and am back into working my Crafty Pegs with more vigor than ever!  If you follow my Facebook Page of Crafty Pegs, you'll see my stock is improving and getting bigger!  I'm getting faster at painting everything and once the day of the market arrives, I'll have more than I'll ever need for it... well, hopefully.  I'm looking forward to it.  And I hope to have everything organised by then. 
So, how's your week been? Busy?  Slow? Interesting?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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