Monday, February 24, 2014

Another Busy Week Ahead!

It's past 10pm and I'm about to go to bed.  But I thought to let you all in on what's been going on in my life first.

It's been a busy weekend.  I had Chiropractors on Friday.  Then, I had my Romance Writer's Group on Saturday.  This was great as I got a lot further with the work I had handed this time than last time.
Then, once home, I packed the back of the car with two table, a sheet of metal and my art easel, strapped it all together and put the main shop box in the back and stock in the front and the car was ready to go for Sunday morning.

I had a light dinner of an open sandwich and headed off to bed by 10:30pm; not that sleep came all that easily to me.  For some reason, I do find it hard to sleep the night before a market day.  But once the alarm goes off, I'm up and going... yeah really weird, eh?

Sunday went off almost without a hitch. 

The Creative Markets were 12 stalls down, and very slow.  But that's something some of the retailers have found in the beginnings of the years:  it's slow in February but picks up throughout the rest of the year.
So, I didn't worry about it when people just walked past and didn't buy anything.  I saw funny things happen and not-so-funny things.  Like when I watched the sibling rivaly between two kids of who controled the relationship in the family.  The older sister went and bought anything she wanted and got her face and arm painted while her younger brother hesitated at stalls and was shoved out of the way by his sister, and was dragged from the stalls he wanted to stay at to buy something.
Then there was a lady who kept on saying she liked my Magna-Pegs everytime she walked past my stall.  She must have passed by around five times, then she walked out the door of the place.  Before long, she was back, walked straight up to me, smiling and said that she'd take two Magna-Pegs.  I grabbed a bag and she chose two... how cool is that?

But really not many people made that much money yesterday.  I made a good amount.  I even scored a commission from the stall next to me - the lady who makes baby clothes needed pegs to hold them onto the tiny coathangers better.  So, last night, I filed down and painted up 24 pegs all the same colour, and today, I began to paint them the same design... so far, tonight, I got up to 6 pegs.  *Phew!*  That's a lot to get done in around 12 hours for me.  But there's plenty to get finished.  I have to buy two or three more tubes of paint and then I'll finished them complete.

Otherwise, I banked the float and the money I made yesterday and organised a transfer each fortnight - so I can really get in and make a bit of money on this and pay for my stall each month... and now, I'm into this Crafty Pegs thing.

Well, anyway, I have to move all my potted plants for the fencing guys tomorrow.  They're not actually working at my place tomorrow, but it's best to be ready than not. They'll be working on my place on Wednesday.  So, I'll move all the plants from the back fence to my house and then making sure they can get through my side gate... and will most probably move the car back for them.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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