Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bullying Through the Ages

Yesterday, I saw yet another video online that had 'gone viral' showing a bully beating up a kid at their school.  

You know, this isn't new... bullying that is.

It's been around since the dawn of time, and it's not going to stop; not until kids stand up for themselves like they did in the past.  I mean like they did when I went to school.

Yeah, I went to Rochedale State High and believe me, if you didn't stand on a few toes there and shove back when you got pushed around, you were called a weakling and feared 3pm each day.
Now, before you begin commenting below and telling me off for being a bitch, let me say something.  I was one of the smallest kids in my class.  I was also one of the most awkward kids too.  In the first year and half I barely said anything to anyone - let alone teachers - because I had big social problems.  In my primary school, I had a really crappy year 7 teacher who had made me feel horrible about myself, so when I went to high school, I had huge trust issues - I trusted nobody.
This made me a target for bullies.  But instead of letting them push me around, I shoved back, or ignored them (which, of course, made them more angry).  

A lot of kids went through this routine with a few of the bullies at this school.  And we were encouraged to stand up for ourselves... and so I did.  If somebody pushed me, I pushed back.  If somebody shoved me, I hit them.  If they happen to fall down and go running off to bitch to a teacher about me hitting them, making them bleed and fall down, well, I'd easily tell the teacher that they started it by picking on me first.  The teacher would ask them if that was true, and they'd just repeat that I hit them... this didn't get them far.  They'd get detention, I'd be told off for hitting them, and that'd be it.  My folks were never called up.  The police never got involved.  I never got suspended or expelled... none of that crap.  And no, nobody put it on ... what was Facebook or the ... inter-what?  

We didn't have the internet or Facebook around to make this kind of thing so public it was around the world in 30 seconds.  No.  The world was a much, much bigger place then.  We were only just getting computers into our schools, still using card catalogues in libraries, overhead projectors and VCR's were the biggest thing around in our homes.  Tablets, iPods, iPhones or anything else that's electronic and hand-held hadn't been invented yet.  And the internet was still being perfected in the USA... it still took 3 days to send an e-mail.

Bullying is bullying.  Beating the crap out of somebody is still the same as it was before - just made more public and is filmed by cold-hearted by-standers who upload it onto the internet instead of helping out the poor sucker who is getting their head beaten in.
So, the next time you see this kind of thing online, just think that the kids who are standing around holding up their phones recording it are in the wrong too.  They should be splitting up what's going wrong, not standing by and treating it as though it's entertainment.  Sure, they might get hurt, but that's part of life... but it'll help another fellow human being.

That's right... a human being.

We are all from the Human Race - we need to remember that.

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