Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Busy Few Days

I've been working on a few things over the last few days, all around the house.  I'm still organising this place - which is a good thing - and I'm happy with my progress.  Yes, it's slow, but I'd rather slow than a standstill.

Anyway, I cleaned up the area next to the side door to the car port.  I threw out all the rubbish bags there, picked up any paper and newspapers there and threw it all away.  Now, it's nice and neat and tidy.  Any plastic bags that are floating around this house that can't be fitted into the plast bag tube thing in the kitchen, well, they get thrown out in the bin.  I don't want them.  
Then, I attacked the garden yesteday afternoon.  The lawn mower came out, I moved the pots and pulled weeds, grass and other bits to make the garden look and feel neat an tidy.  And now it looks and feels like it should - lovely and pretty.  And I'm glad I got in and did that work too.

Then, I made myself a pasta dish and ate early.  I worked on my digital recipe book and watched some Supernatural on dvd - Season 8.  
Before long, I was sitting at my craft table working away at the pegs, pencils and magnets again.  I'm looking at getting as much done as I can before the next market.  And this week, I'm hoping to buy some coat hangers to paint up and make look nice too... paint them with flowers and flames in cool colours for anyone who wants them.  Take my stall in a new direction.

Anyway, that'll be for March.  This month, I owe money to another artist who has got some jugs I want to buy and other little things she's offered me to help market them.  I'll be seeing her on Saturday.

Last pay, I bought a 6 litre box for the stall gear.  This means, I have 2 boxes for the stock to fill; this is good.  I can't wait to see how all of this goes.  So far, I've put all the bagged stuff into one box and the wrapped stuff into the other.  The store box doesn't look much, but really it will have a few more things before the next Creative Markets comes up.  Mum reckons it's a good idea I have graduated it from a small box to a larger one, as it's easier for me to expand it when I need to.
I've told her my plans to get a proper desk for my craft area... one that doesn't move when I bump it.  I need one with drawers and is sturdy too.  She nodded, and said that it's best if I get myself one which climbs the wall in front of me so I can store stuff there too.  She knows what I'm thinking of too.  That's what's so good about Mum.  She knows what I'm on about with Crafty Pegs.

Well, it's been busy around here.  From cleaning out junk I don't need, to getting my stall ready for the Creative Markets, it's all on the go here.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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