Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday .... what can I say?

Today was my Dad's Birthday.  I gave him a Super Cheap Membership Card.  Very cool... he loves it.  But I was up very early today to get petrol for the car.  However, seeing everyone put their bins out behind my car, it was near impossible to get the Pajero out of the car port.  So, I got a great idea:  photograph the problem and e-mail it to Dad (or anyone who cares about this problem).  And I did... well, after his lunch anyway.

This morning, after the petrol was gotten, breakfast was eaten and milk was bought, I was hanging out here online when my mobile rang and the service guy was here to fix my washing machine.  It had begun to make a high-pitched singing sound - this is called grinding and isn't good for the machine.  It's the seals wearing out and they normally put some gunk around the seal to make it stop singing/grinding for the next few years.
Well, once that was done, I paid the man and he was on his way, then I jumped on the phone and called my folks.  Mum had told me that she was thinking of taking Dad out to Runcorn Tavern for lunch and I was invited.  So, I took them up on the offer.  But I had to shower first and get myself into some clean clothes after washing my hair.

We had our lunch, sat around with our coffee and hot chocolate at the club there, scored ourselves some free hats at the bottle shop not far away... then we were off!  Mum and Dad had to drop in to the Medicare at Logan Central. 
This turned into a small shopping trip for them both.  Dad needed to go to Coles and I walked around there with him helping him find stuff and we found the checkouts were all closed - except one - and we had to go through the self-service checkouts (something he hates but I don't mind).  Anyway, we met up with Mum and were on our way back home before we knew it.  It was nice to be out and about around my way... Dad didn't mind it too much.  He was amazed at how well I knew my Coles, and that everything was packed in so tightly.  

I arrived home, opened up the house and didn't really want anything for dinner.  So, I made myself a light salad and had some Green Tea and watched some Supernatural.  Before I knew it, it was around 10:30pm and I'm now on here... woah!  Where did my evening go?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember I'm always here.

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