Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What A Day!

Hmmm.... where do I start?  Today was shopping day.  Yep, pay day... and so I was up early, had a nice shower and washed my hair and got ready to go out.

The fencing guys didn't arrive, so I took off by 9:30am and had checked the mail, bought the fruit'n'veggie and scored $50 worth of petrol before going to Woolworths for my chocolate.

Then, I was off to Logan Central Plaza where I looked around for some hangers for the half pot that I've had under one of my seats in my yard for about 3 years... I want to hang it on the new fence once it's finished - along with a few plaques I have had my eye on at Bunnings to make my garden really look lovely.
I went to the chemist and Coles and then, before I knew it I was outa there and home!  And the guys still hadn't shown and I had arrived back at around 11:30am... so I packed away the cold stuff - dropping the yoghurt in the process - and then planned out my afternoon.

If they weren't going to show, I was going to get the rest of the stuff I needed for the week today.

I took off to Bunnings first to get 3 bags of potting mix, 2 hangers and a new pot to replace one that had gone brittle in my yard.  I found those just as I bumped into one of my friends who works for Bunning and I don't see them often - Kym Phox.  She used to live in unit 7 for a while and did up the back yard, adding value to the place, before she moved out.
We caught up and had a cool chat and caught up with each other.  I showed her photos of what I've been up to with the Creative Markets and she was really proud of me.  And then I told her Dad was buying me a car too, and she was really happy.

After I packed the car, I was off to Garden City to get some art stuff.  I needed some paint and ties at Riot Art.  I bought all that stuff and thought to see if K-Mart still had wooden coathangers in stock before they closed down for the extention.  But they didn't.  Oh well.  I didn't worry, I thought to leave it anyway.

I drove back to Mum and Dad's via the highway and they were watching 'Boardwalk Empire' on dvd.  Dad told me that the television was playing up... or recorder... or something about the two.  Either way, they couldn't watch television properly as it was all hot pink and blue.  However, they've had nothing but problems with this set since Dad bought it from somebody at his workplace about 5 years ago.  Nothing works properly on it and yet he won't get anyone out to look at it.  And yet, when I got a brand new television, and it screwed up, we had Panasonic looking at it straight away... strange.

Well, I arrived home at around 3:30pm and found myself unpacking the rest of my groceries, making a pizza dough and then settling in for a few hours of reruns on channel 11.  It was nice to settle back for a bit.  Before long, it was dark outside and I watched about 2 hours of 'Supernatural' and it was time to lock up the house.  But before I did that, I looked around for my newly-bought art gear and didn't think of looking in the car... where I had left it at around 3:30pm and forgotten about it!  
So, how was your day?  Busy? Slow?  Or just average?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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