Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Been Cleanin' - What About You?

I've been one busy little person.  I've been working on my next stall of the Creative Markets over the weekend.  Organising myself of what will be new there, what will be seen as a regular item there and what I can do there as something to do sometimes.  And then, I organised something for the table cloth to make it look light, pretty and just right for every month.

Today, it was shopping/grocery day.  I went out and worked on looking at what I could use in the new and improved market stall of Crafty Pegs in February to keep people coming back.  
At Officeworks, I bought 2 business cards holders and they look great.  They're black metal mesh and so will be durable for the times ahead.  Then, I scored myself a 6 litre plastic box to put everything for the stall into - that's to prepare the table and easel with; to make it look good.  This is so there's not so many trips to the car and back, and I don't have to carry too many things myself.
At Coles, I purchased some paper lunch bags and thought it would be cool to pop the pegs into something old-fashioned and fun and basic instead of plastic bags - even the pencils would go well in them too.  This is until I get myself a set of bags with my own emblam on them - that will take time and a little bit of looking around.

Anyway, I had a good day shopping.  I bought what I needed to buy.  The groceries were good.  I found out the post office across the road was held up yesterday by a nut case with a machete.  The good thing is that nobody got hurt, but the bad thing is that the nut case got away with money.  I hate that... and I live so close to the damned place.  Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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