Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Blues

I've been home a few days and I've had all kinds of things happen to me that I didn't want or expect.  It started on Friday, when I was on the bus coming home...

It was supposed to be a simple 3 hour bus trip from Brunswick Heads.  But the drivers changed at Moobil and we got a 60+ driver who knew where he was going until he skipped past the Coolangatta Airport.  Some people onboard made a fuss and he turned around, went to the airport and then... he got lost on the Gold Coast for an hour, trying to find the old highway!  How he managed to do that, I'm not sure, but he did.
By Beenleigh, I was about to get down the front and tell him that I needed to get off at Springwood Bus Station, so he didn't skip past that (which I had a bad feeling about), when a guy from the back went there instead and told him he was getting off at my stop too.  The driver said, that he was going straight through to Brisbane, no other stops!  The guy said that he needed to - and had paid his way until - the Springwood Bus Station, and he needed to get off there.  When the guy found out I was getting off at Springwood too, he told the driver there was another passenger who needed to disembark too.  The driver said he was never told about us.  But then, when we pulled into Springwood, he looked at his clipboard and saw there were two passengers to get off at the Springwood Bus Station... if only he had checked that thing at Surfers Paradise, and he would've been on time.
Well, the guy who got off at the bus station with me had chatted with me and he had been bussing it since Sydney!  What a long time to be getting on and off buses!  Anyway, he and I talked and he wanted to chat more, but I was really needing to get myself home and buy groceries and settled back at my house.  But he had my business card for Crafty Pegs and I said for him to look me up on Facebook, but he didn't have an account.

Anyway, the trip home was good.  I bought all the food I needed - and wanted - and got home, had a shower and got the smell of the bus off me.  Then, I embraced that my bed was huge and I could spread out again... yay!

Over the weekend, it was stinking hot.  I hated the heat on Saturday to the point that I drank so much Cranberry Juice, water and smoothies it's a wonder I didn't turn into one of those substances.  Then, Sunday was hot, but not as bad, seeing there was a nice breeze.
Then, I turned on the computer, jumped on Facebook and found out my cousin's dog - Max - had vanished.  And I don't mean he was stolen... he disappeared at around 4:30am.  And even now, he hasn't been found.  He's very old, a large dog, and he's hard of hearing, can't see much and isn't good on his feet.  But he's a very friendly dog and is suffering from Dementia... poor little guy.  The last time I saw him was before Christmas and he came around to me in Aunty Helen's living room about five times to say hi to me; and he acted as though he'd never met me before.  And even when I was going home, he said hello to me... so he's not well.  
Kate, Aunty Helen and other relatives searched for him all day yesterday.  And so I thought to go and search further afield - seeing I had a 4X4 and it could get places most of them weren't on foot.  So, I took off and didn't even get to Rochedale Road when the radio turned itself off and on and then the indicators were making the needles jump all over the place.  Off went the radio and the air-conditioner and anything else I didn't really need to use and I high-tailed it to Mum and Dad's.  I pulled into the driveway and put up the window after using hand signals to get into their driveway (because they gave out on me only about 100 metres down the road) and the moment the window was up, I turned off the engine.  Then, I tried it again... nothing.  Not even an engine warning or battery light.... wow!  I was damned lucky this thing didn't stop on a main road!
A call to the RACQ was made, and a new battery needed - and a new alternator as well.  Well, by around 3pm, the battery assistance guy showed up and sold me a new battery and it got me home.  And then, he made an appointment for me for an alternator guy to come out to my place to replace the alternator with a new one.  Mum and Dad weren't pleased that they were spending around $400 on the car in one day, but it had to be done.
So, at around 5pm, the second appointment called me and the guy showed up right at my door, I popped the bonnet and left him to his work.  About 45 minutes later, it was done, paid for and he was outa here.  The car works!

But the radio doesn't, and neither does the clock!

So, today, I was off to Mitsubishi to see what was wrong.  They looked up the car on their computers and they can't find the codes to the radio unless they take the radio out... damn.  I told my folks and they insist there's a code at their place I can put in.  Dad cracked the shits at me - screaming over the phone at me not to get the dealers at the radio - in case they break something.  But then, I just agreed to keep Dad nice... boy, he can get really weird sometimes.

Last night, I called my cousin about dear, sweet Max and she told me that she's sunburnt, exhausted and they didn't find him.  I asked her where she looked and suggested a few places; but she declined looking where I suggested.  I told her I was on my way to her place yesterday when the Pajero broke down; and told her what rigmarol I went through to get it going again.  She sounded happy that I wanted to help.  She really wished her dog would show up, but she thinks he may never be found.  

I really hope Max is somewhere safe.  Until my next post, take care and stay safe and remember, I'm always here. 

UPDATE:  I just got a text message from Mum a few minutes ago regarding Max.  Aunty Helen and Uncle Iain found his body out the backyard in the long grass down the back of their property.  They've now got closure as he's a very old dog.  Rest In Peace you sweet, wonderful dog.


  1. So sorry to hear the family lost a furry friend. Max will be now RIP without any pain suffering with age and illnesses. I am sure Max will be now happy in dog heaven and can play games with other angel dogs. And do other things that dogs can do.

    1. Thank you... he was a lovely dog. I always remember him with lop-sided ears ... funny way of looking at you. But he hasn't been well lately, so when he wasn't that well over Christmas, I knew his days were numbered... poor littled guy.

      It's so good Kate and her family have closure now. I know some families whose dogs go missing like Max did never know the feeling of that... and that's really sad.

    2. had a cat years ago who went missing and never returned. I was out for days looking for him after school but I gave up after 2-3 weeks. Because of his age I suspect he died back then!