Friday, January 17, 2014

Busy At Home

Today, I've been busily working away at things that I thought would be done during the week or weekend.  However, I'm glad to busy.

Yesterday, I had a visitor - Jeremy - a gread friend of mine who is from the Gold Coast who dropped in for the day to help me with my computer (and why it keeps on crashing on me).  He's doing an IT course and programming course and loving it.  And so, he looked at my hard drive and said that one of the drives needed reformatting, and yes, 1GIG was far too small for what I need it for - but to save up for a great hard drive, not just a good one.
Then, we had lunch of a home made pizza.  I made the dough and made the whole thing from scratch, and he hadn't eaten a pizza like that before; and was amazed at how deliciously sweet and soft the base was.  He loves meat on his pizzas and yet when I made a vegetarian one, he said didn't seem to matter what was on the top, it was the base that made all the difference; nice and soft in the middle, and crunchy on the outside... yep, that's how it's supposed to taste.

Then, we took the horrible white hall table back to Sam's Warehouse back.  Well, they were amazed at how badly designed it was.  The lady said there were broken bits on it and I told her that they were like that, and I had to glue some things to make them work, and the drawer guides were all broken too.  I got my money back and they wondered how it all worked if the drawers went in the back the whole thing wasn't flush.  Even check-out guy could see it was totally wrong when he looked at the instructions, then back at it.  He agreed that it couldn't possibly be fixed up as the holes drilled into it were in the wrong places.  I'm so glad that went without a hitch.

Well, I looked at my watch and it was almost 3pm!  Wow, where did that time go?  Oh well.  We drove back here and hung out, chilling until Jeremy's lift came to pick him up.  We chatted in the back yard and he had a few smokes and he said that my place looked nice.  However he did comment that there were a few red ants around, and asked if we had Fire Ants around.... I told him I didn't think so as they're pretty aggressive.  My back neighbour does have very long grass and a lot of weeds - which I have complained about the sight of - but the landlords haven't done anything about.  So, if there's Fire Ants in there, it's a big problem that I didn't bring on.

Anyway, before long, Jeremy had to go.  He picked up all his gear and I walked him to the gate and saw him off.  I had to check my letter box anyway to clear out any junk mail in it.  
Once he was gone, I had some rubbish to put out, tidying up to do and other things to fix up around the place.  And the best thing is that the computer works better than ever!  

This morning, I wanted to get the sewing machine out and do up a hem on some Calico I bought this week for the stall next month.  However, when I put the bobbin, it jammed... I have looked it up online, and I think I put it in wrong.  So, I'll look at it again soon, and see if I can work on it again.  Then, I have all the varnishing to wrap up for the markets.  And hopefully, I'll be finished and ready to start over again by the time school starts next week.  
So, how was your week?  Busy?  Slow?  Readying the kids to get off to school?  All three?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe, and remember, I'm always here.

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  1. School doesn't resume until 28th January so the kids have another week of holidays to go!!