Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ten Minutes

That's all it takes each day to work through a drawer or tiny bit of space in your home... to make it look and feel better.  And if you do this each and every day, you can get in and work through your home throughout a year and get yourself organised.

I did this to clean out the house.  And it worked.

Now, I'm doing it to organised my house.  I'm also following - and have 'liked' Peter Walsh's Facebook page.  He's got some wonderful ideas on how to keep your home from becoming something you hate, and something you wish you could live in without rummaging through so much crap.

Now, it kind of started with last year when I put away the knitting yarn into matching boxes to store them over Christmas.  And presently, I put the Christmas Decorations into the wardrobe in their own plastic boxes in the the office wardrobe waiting for next year... nice!

I do have the smaller stuff to work on now... there's the kitchen and bathroom sinks, the living room and storage area and also the craft area always needs upgrading (and the most important part; as I'm looking at getting a proper work desk for that place with drawer for it and to use the card table at the markets).  

So, are you going to start with ten minutes every day?  Are you going to work on getting in and making every day count on knowing which things are important to you and which things aren't?  With the things that you don't neet, remember, there's people out there who don't have anything, and would love to have the things you don't need anymore.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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