Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Lot Done In One Day!

It's Saturday, and I thought it was going to be a lazy day... but boy, was I wrong!  I was out of the house by 10am and off to Mum and Dad's.  I had their mail to drop off and they were happy to see me; besides, we had to get the code into the radio.

Well, on the way there, I bought 2 boxes from Sam's Warehouse to keep on organising my home.  One was for the party stuff and the other was for Halloween gear.  Anyway, I bought some milk and was off to my folk's house where the birds were hanging off the kitchen screen the remind my parents they were still around... how cute can ya get?
We tried to make the code work in the car, but it didn't go in.  Weird but true.  So, we're taking it in to the manufacturers to get the code on Monday.  Strangely enough, the day I took it in, the guy didn't notice that the rego on the papers and the rego on the car didn't match...hmmmm... not very observant.

Anyway, I was at my folks' place for a while and ended up at Centro for a bit to buy some birthday presents for my second cousin, Arabella.  Her birthday party is tomorrow and she loves My Little Pony stuff... well, seeing I don't have children, I'm a little out of touch with what kids like.  But I found a cute little lunch box with learn to read books inside.  I also bought a container of 50 colouring pencils... very cool.  Mum wanted her to have the My Little Pony gear, whereas I wanted to get her something a little more original... and have added a couple of my hand-painted pencils to the colouring pencils.  It think she'll like them as they're pink and purple with gold on them too.

When I arrived home, I got organising again!  I used the boxes for their intended purposes and found they looked great - and I'm using the cardboard box which held my Halloween stuff as a charity box. 
Well, to start off that box, I went through my utensil drawer in my kitchen!  And I have so much crap in that drawer... like 4 sets of measuring spoons!  How and why I have this many sets is beyond me, but it's funny how one collects something like this without actually knowing they've done it!  I also have 2 pizza cutters - one works, while the other doesn't.  And I have an ice-cream scoop which I don't use; and I don't think I ever have used since I bought it.  I also found 3 tea-strainers of varying qualities!  Again, amazing how somebody gets to collect things like this, don't you think?
Well, I kept the tea-strainers and the measuring spoons (they're funny to keep) and then, I tossed out one of the pizza cutters, the ice-cream scoop and a few other items out of the drawer and into the box, and hey!  I can find everything in there!  How cool is that?  And I only spent the very famous ten minutes looking through that drawer!  I'm so proud of myself!  So, what did you get up to today?  Organising your house or was is a cool Saturday to hang out and chill at your place?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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