Monday, January 13, 2014

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Flat Packs!

Today, I was on a mission to find a good hall table... I looked around online and found a pretty one at Fantastic Furniture... but it was almost $300!  So, I went to Sam's Warehouse and found one there for $50... and believe me, that's all it was bloody well worth!
I got the flat pack home, took it upstairs - as that's where the finished product was going to be - and spent 3 1/2 hours putting the damned thing together.  After I did, I found the top didn't go on properly, the drawers were being installed backwards, the whole thing wasn't flush (so the drawers didn't sit straight anyway) and when I took it apart again, the top of it fell apart (so I had to glue the top a little! 

What a piece of crap!

The worse thing was that I couldn't find the receipt!  Damn!  Oh well... I tried to turn the drawers around and fiddle with it, but this made the whole thing worse, so I fixed it the best way I knew how, struggled it into position and then looked at it... from a certain angle, it looks okay - if you don't look at it too closely - but then, I guess that's what you get for $50 from a crappy place like Sam's Warehouse.

I'll be saving up for the $299 one at Fantastic Furniture... it looks lovely, is very pretty and actually has a good feel to it.  And I'll see if I can get them to put it together (even if it costs me a little extra).  

But really, for $50, and in a flat pack, should a piece of furniture actually perform well no matter where the store gets it?  I meant they're all made in the same place, aren't they?  But if they don't go together properly, what's the point of selling them to the unsuspecting public?  And after I do get the next hall table, I'll be throwing this crappy-arse one in the recycling bin as it's shit; and I wouldn't want anyone else trying to use it.

So, have you ever tried to put together a flat pack and have it go totally wrong on you; even after you did follow the instructions to the letter?  This is the first one where it did for me, and boy, was it frustrating!  But I followed those instructions closely, and didn't vere from them.  So, I didn't know what went wrong.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.


  1. You should of tried at second hand stores. They might of had a better quality made table for the same price of a new one from Sam's Warenhouse.

    1. yeah, I'll be looking around those stores soon... on Thursday, I'll be taking this horrible one back. I have called Sam's Warehouse since I wrote this post and let them know what happened to it, and they were stunned it didn't work out and asked me to return it for a full refund so they can look at it.
      The manager wants to see how it worked out as they haven't put one together yet, and want to know why it didn't work for me. When I told him all the holes were drilled in the wrong places and none of it is flush, he was very understanding. So, I'm taking it back with the help of a friend (who is going to help me with it down the stairs and into the car.