Sunday, January 26, 2014

Busy Week of Finding Things

I've been busily working away at organising my house - and it's been fun to do as well.  I have found so much while doing it; mainly space.  I found the top of my credenza, the rest of the top of my kitchen counter and some of the top of the piano too.

How cool is that?

I also found out how long Kingston Road is!  It's really, really, really long!  Anyway, I only found out how long this road is because I went to a writer's group yesterday and it was a long way from my place but off Kingston Road.  I used the GPS for the first time and found it was really good - so long I removed it from the windscreen before getting out of the car and put it away so it didn't get stolen.

But I have been finding a lot of things lately.  I found a lot of old receipts behind my food processor, some coin purses, pens and even found some hand/skin cream that came from New Zealand I put there and forgot about (or it got buried amongst stuff - most likely that happened) and I also found a whole lot of other stuff around the place too.
I am becoming more organised.  It's becoming easier to cook in my kitchen - by far!  I could actually open a recipe book and follow the recipe without getting food on it last night.  This is something I totally loved seeing I have more space to use.  And now, I have stored away the fishtank, I've got more space than I ever had before.  

The good thing is that I'm used to storing away things in places where I have to make things fit tightly, so when I open the storage facility, there's still room in there to put things; and that's good.  However, I have the wardrobes to empty out and organise this time around to see if I can fix up totally to they can be used to better maximise their space better and use them for something better than computer equipment that I'll never use as is quickly goes out of date.  

As all this goes on, the hall table I'm hoping to buy is being saved up for.  It's going to be ordered from a furniture store and I'm hoping it'll be just as lovely as I envisage... as I really want it to be something proper and real.  The one I bought from Sams Warhouse was utter crap, and the instructions were impossible to follow.  Well, that's what I've gotten done, what's going to be done, and my plans for the next few months.  I hope to get it all fixed up and my promises to myself completed.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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