Friday, October 17, 2014

Busy Weekend Ahead

This weekend is going to be full; very full.  I have spent this week pulling in my reserves of energy, sleeping in, making sure I haven't exhausted myself and hoped I have everything organised.

Well, there's always one thing to be forgotten, right?

I have the Murrarie State School Organic & Craft Markets tomorrow and I hope to get there before 9am, find out where my stall is and set it up well before 10am so I can walk around and find the toilets, water fountains and move my car to where it's supposed to be before the markets themselves open... the last thing I need is to be lost in a school when I don't know where anything is.  And I'd like to have a good look around for something for my brother's birthday too.

But this week, I got in and worked on a few things, listened to an audio-book (titled 'The Watcher' by Jo Robertson) and then, today, I worked on a bit of my lunch for tomorrow.  I'm hoping I haven't forgotten anything there.
Today, after breakfast, I packed the car as much as I can with everything, both stock boxes and the stores box and then threw a blanket over the lot and put in the two-wheel trolley and locked it up.  I still have my bag to pack as well the esky and then that's it.  I'll be working on getting enough sleep tonight and taking off by 8am tomorrow - maybe a little before - and getting there by 8:30am.  I don't want to be rushing; which is understandable.  

For the rest of the weekend, I'm hoping to get to Mum and Dad's place to have lunch and enjoy time with my older brother and his family for his birthday, then come home and chill out.  
On Monday, there's my Craft Day and I'll be heading off the Garden City to pick up something from there before heading to my afternoon with the ladies at Springwood.  Otherwise, early nights are on the cards for a while.

Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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