Thursday, October 23, 2014

One Busy Morning

This morning, I was out the door before 9am and off to Mum and Dad's place. I had to drop off some pieces of the old Singer Sewing machine from my place to theirs for when I go to their place on Saturday.

I was there for a bit - well until Mrs Dickenson showed up - and then I was off again.  I went to Suncorp to get some money out and then to Bunnings where I picked out a large pot for the garden and a plant to replace the one which had been destroyed by the possums in the halfpot on the fence.  
Before going to either place, I had to fax one bank and then return to the post office again to check the mail.  You see, I've won a book by John Connolly.  His publisher was supposed to have sent it to me by the end of last week.  But it never arrived.  So, I called up the place I won it from and they helped me out... wonderful people!  They told me that it should be here by the end of this week.  It's Thursday, and it's still not arrived - but still, there's one more day left in the week.  I'll give it until Monday morning and then I'll really get impatient.  I mean, how hard is it to post off a book?

Anyway, I bought the pot and the plant, and came home.  I was hoping to go to Super Cheap to buy a steering wheel cover - because that darned thing is beginning to get hot! - but I wanted to get home and do some serious gardening.  But I thought that, seeing I had checked the mail at 8:30am this morning, it would make sense to check it again a few hours later.  After all, they would have finished sorting the parcels.  
So, I was on Kingston Road, checked my mirrors, saw a large old ute (and I mean it was a Dodge pick-up... old kinda thing) and I indicated at the right time, slowed down... and that damned Dodge pick-up was right on my arse!  He had been coming in from Randall Street and didn't see me!  Crap!  He very nearly side-swiped me!  Of course, he blasted his horn at me as though I was in the wrong, and I wondered if he did clip me.  I pulled up in a spot as fast as I could and looked my car over... nope, no marks.  Yes, he was that close to hitting me, it wasn't funny.  

But it wasn't my fault either.  I did all the right things; and he was coming into a main road from a side street, and should have looked where he was going, watched what people were doing.  And most of all, not been in such a hurry to get where he needed to go.  I wasn't speeding - seeing I had a large terracotta pot in the boot of my car - and I didn't want to be in an accident all because some idiot didn't look where he was going.

Well, I checked my mail box and there wasn't anything there... okay, fair enough... then I was on my way home.  Once home, I was right into the yard immediately moving the chair out into the recycling area of the unit complex, and moving the tiles I had in its place for the feet of it.  Then I placed the pot in its place and potted up the new plant in the halfpot on the fence... so that was part one of the revamp.  Part two will happen either this week or next pay; more likely the latter.  

So, how has your day been so far?  Mine's been most of the 31 flavours of crazy... but then, some days are like that, right?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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