Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hot Summer Days Are Coming

Today, I was up nice and early and put on the laundry at around 8am.  It said on the radio it was going to be a hot, hot day here in Brisbane.  So, out on the line went the sheets, two loads of my usual laundry and my hand-washing... and about time too!  But it's going to be dried by this arvo as we're supposed to get a storm; well, let's hope anyway.

I'm looking outside and the sky is a gorgeous blue colour and there's not a cloud to be seen!  How lovely is that?  And yet it's stinking hot out there and I'm nice and cool here inside my home office; and I have no intention of going outside for a while yet... not until it cools off a bit.

Yesterday afternoon, I did a little gardening of mowing the lawn, clipping the hedges in my yard (and out in the courtyard out the front of my place too) and then trimming a little off my Large Leaf Jade.  When I was finished, I potted up a couple of the trimmings to give as Christmas presents this year, as these plants are expensive to buy from nurseries.  So, there's three in my yard in tiny pots all watered in and waiting for December. 

Today, not long ago actually, I heard the rubbish truck come and he stayed for a while.  Wondering why, I took off down stairs and found there were a lot of smashed beer bottles on the ground that had tipped out of one of the bins when he picked it up... damn!  So, he asked for a scoop, and I raced off and found one.  The rubbish collection guy was great.  He swept up as much of the glass as he could from under and on the truck before collecting the rest of the bins.  Then, as he turned around, he spotted more glass he had missed, so he climbed out and swept that up too.  However, the unfortunate thing is that there's tiny shards of glass on the concrete where the kids around here will need to wear shoes.  So, seeing I was wearing shoes, I collected as many bins as I could before returning inside.  Sheryl - who is at unit 42, was about to walk out without shoes on, and I said to stay where she was because of the glass.  She said she'll make the girls wear shoes and I said I had told her eldest daughter to go and put shoes on already, and she smiled, saying that it was good I looked out for her.

Well, once out of the intense heat of the day, I was relieved to come back inside my place.  Wow!  Does the insulation make a difference or what?  I can't believe I lived for so many years without it and put up with sweltering conditions and boiling hot nights here.
Even on the afternoon of my birthday party - and Mum and Dad's 45th Wedding Anniversary - Gabe and Kat were amazed at how nice and cool my house was.  Mum said that it used to be horribly hot and I'd struggle during Summer; upstairs used to get up to around 45 degrees Celsius every day and it was impossible to sleep at night - so I'd sleep during the day to catch up.  So, when they bought the unit/townhouse, they immediately put in insulation and within about 72 hours, I was sleeping upstairs in my own bed again; instead of on the lounge in the middle of the day.  Gabe was amazed... Kat couldn't believe; and said she wouldn't live in a place like that.  I said I couldn't afford to move from here... but now it's years later and I have been able to make this place better because my folks bought it; and I can pretty much do what I want with it.

And in Summer now, it doesn't feel like a Hellmouth... it's nice and cool instead.  Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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