Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rotten Apples

In our lives, we've all come across products we've regretted buying, right?  Sure we have!  I admit there's been products I've bought and then wondered what the hell I was thinking and either returned it, thrown it out or, did the horrible thing, and kept it until it wasn't worth anything anymore and donated it to a charity (the latter I don't do anymore).

But really, over the last four years, I've put up with a lot of bad choices.  One of those choices was something I fell in lust with: Apple products.  Boy was that a bad crush on something that was so not worth the money my folks spent on my only Christmas Present.

We had nothing but trouble with my Apple Blade Touch.  From the day I received it to yesterday when the update Apple just dumped on it - when I said not to do it - and it didn't work and the damned thing had to be taken back to its factory settings, we've had nothing but trouble with it.
Then, when I tried to get my music back onto it, it didn't work... but that wasn't the shitty part.  No... that didn't really make me want to smash it into tiny, little pieces with the back tyre of my car (which by the by, works better than any Apple product out there mainly because Steve Jobs knew what he was doing when he started Apple.  However since he stepped back, the whole company has ended up in the toilet!  Now he's gone, it's just gotten worse - good one Apple, fuck up big time now the big boss isn't here to pick up the pieces permanently!).  

Anyway, I did try everything to get my music back onto my iPod and failed.  Then, I went onto the cloud and found all my apps that I bought from iTunes were gone!!!  I e-mailed Apple and they told me that after 2 years, they get deleted from the cloud! 


Are they kidding???

I spent money on those damned things only to find they're gone!

Well!  That pissed me right off to no end.  I nearly threw the iPod across the room to smash it into shards - after all it's only made of glass and metal - but restrained myself.

I went on to iTunes and pulled all the free ones I could remember off there and put them on it.  These included the lists and some of the radio station ones.  However, the book I wanted to put on to my iPod still wouldn't go.

What a load of horse hockey!  

But then, I looked at the time... three hours had passed and I had to go out.  I unplugged the iPod, closed down the computer (after screaming at it) and then packed the car.  Halfway through packing the car, my neighbour came across and asked if I was okay... I gritted that I hate Apple... he nodded saying he understood and went home.

After my craft group, I went to my folk's house and pulled out my Android tablet, went onto the Play Store on it, downloaded the Audible' app from there and then grabbed the book I had won from an author on 'Romance Bandits'... this took all of around 20 minutes from start to finish.  It was the shit easiest thing to do.

So, my mind was made up from that... I'm only going to use my Apple for my shopping list from now on until Christmas.  What I'm going to do after that is put it into a drawer and let the battery go flat.  

Yes, Apple has been the biggest regret of my life - and my parents' life... simply because of how bad the programming is.  I hate it that after only a few years, they stop working and you're expected to go out and buy another iPod or tablet because they make sure your product stops working.  This is crap.  People - normal people - aren't made of money.  We want products that work, and work properly, for many years. Android is one of those products... and so I've asked my folks for only one present this year for Christmas:  an Android phone that can carry music, apps, books and lists... is that so hard to find?  I hope not.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember I'm always here.

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