Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Shopping Day

Today was a nice hot day, sunny and without a cloud in the sky.  A perfect day to get out there and do what was needed to be done - namely the grocery shopping.

So, I got my stuff together, jumped in the car and took off up the road to get the petrol, collect the mail and do the shopping.  

The petrol was cheap.
I received a parcel in the mail from my Birthday Buddy on Bookcrossing.
And I took my time doing my grocery shopping.

It was a good day.  I bought everything I needed and wanted for the fortnight; and found my grocery bill came in cheaper than normal.  This is good.  I had bought a few things at the charity stores; finding some cute teapots with cups that fit underneath them... I don't know what they're called, but they're cute as hell!  I found two of them for $4.00 each and bought them both!  One of them I'm going to keep and other is going to my Birthday Buddy on Bookcrossing.

Well, anyway, I also found a brand new scrapbooker's book which had never been used.  It still had all the corners in the back on the piece of cardboard... so I'll be doing up this book as a display piece to show people what other pieces I have at home and which markets I have been to.  Mainly to show what I can do in photographic form, so they can look through it.

I am looking forward to being able to pull together another bigger box for the next markets so I can get my larger amount of stores in the car... it'll be good to get in and sell more at the next larger markets at Murarrie State School - which is a full-day market - and actually be able to hang out all day on 18th, October.

When I returned home, I had some people walked in through the car gate who really didn't think I needed to drive through the place.  They walked all over the place, right up the middle of the drive, and right out into the path of my car as I turned the corner (it wasn't as though they didn't see me, they just simply didn't care I was there).  I looked at them, waited and they stopped.  I went to go again, and he walked again... man, talk about dumb!  The man ended up letting me go first before giving me a filthy look... well, pardon me, but don't walk out in front of a car if you know I'm there; especially if I've already stopped to let you pass and you didn't.

I know that was rude but really, if you were given a chance to cross, take it.  There's so many people who think the rules either don't apply to them or they can just make it up as they go along... stupid really.

Well, I've been trying to use Facebook tonight and it's just not working.  So, I might take off and have an early night.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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