Sunday, October 26, 2014

What a Weekend!

It's been a busy week and a busy weekend... and right now, I'm sitting comfortably in my office chair with the air-conditioner workin' its magic while I'm in front of this here computer.

Nope, I'm not moving for the next few hours... not until I'm thoroughly finished with the net today.

Or I'm out of ice coffee - then I can always get that one from the fridge I bought this morning when I got the paper.

Anyway, I've had a hell of a weekend; and I'm doing nothing today... absolutely zero, zip, nada... and really, I don't wish to do anything unless I really need to.

On Wednesday, I did my fortnightly grocery shop.  It was good, but I forgot my synthetic bags and ended up with a collection of plastic bags; not something I want to do again.  

Thursday was busy.  I packed the car with some doors off the old sewing machine in my bedroom and took them to Mum and Dad's place at around 9am and then headed off to Bunnings where I picked out a new pot for the garden.  It was a huge, gorgeous off-white pot to take the place of the red seat in the back yard lining the fence.  You see, the feet on that seat ( and the seat itself) have been slowly rotting.  Even though I painted it, it still hasn't been stable enough to hold anyone of late.  So, on Thursday, I removed it from my yard and put it up the back of the complex for the caretaker to take away.  After moving the tiles around that were placed there for the feet, I put the pot there and prepared it for my potting idea - a centerpiece for the garden... I hoped it worked out.

On Friday, I was out again.  But this time, I was happily celebrating owning my Little Green Machine for six months!  Yes, six months had sped by since Dad bought me this lovely Astra.  So I celebrated by going out and getting some gardening gear at Bunnings and doing some gardening.  I filled out the half-pot on the fence with a little gorgeous 'Red Wing', so it doesn't look so empty.  The new big pot looked so lovely in its spot and I half filled it with potting mix I had left over and some pipes I had put inside it to see what they'd look like when I actually had them properly installed.

Yesterday, I went out to the Springwood Community Centre and bought up big with the plants.  I spent only $13 on plants... great stuff!  I also bought a bottle of mango chutney Dad loves for $4.00 too... then I off to Mum and Dad's place to work on the sewing machine; which it turned out wasn't going to be worked.  Instead, I worked on the bath table.  Dad and I took it apart and I sanded it down after getting all the gundgy stuff off it.  While I did that, Dad went off to the dump.
Before long, I was finished for the day and started to pack up, but Dad wanted me to stay and put on a coat of shelack.  I really didn't want to; I had some other things to get done at home - some plants to pot up and a bit of work to get done around the house before the sun went down.  But he stilled wanted me to stay... I don't think he understands I have other things to do at my house.  Mum still has to explain it all to him.
Well, I arrived home after lunch and got stuck into the gardening and the plants look great in their new home!  I had put up some netting and they looked wonderful with some recycled stuff around the place - especially seeing I recycled the silver stones from out the front of the house.  I really love they look so good with anything!  And the plants fitted into their new pots so well!  The back three are the new plants and the two front ones are from around my place.  

This morning, I heard it was going to be around 30 degrees Celsius... so finished breakfast quickly and got out into the garden and watered everything thoroughly.  The Agapanthus look like they're about to put out blooms as they're sitting up more.  My Gloxinia hasn't put out leaves - yet - but give it time, we've had a few cold days and nights, so with the heat coming up, it'll get there.  And the possums didn't get in and eat the new Red Wing last night thanks to the new netting put up yesterday... I hope it holds.

Today, like I said, I'm hoping to chill out and do nothing.  I hope to be able to be able to work on more magna-pegs and on Monday or Tuesday, I'll get out there and buy more magnets for them at Garden City.  Well, until next time, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.  

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