Monday, December 29, 2014

All Seasons

This morning, I awoke to sun and the promise of a warm day.  Within two hours, it was pouring rain and miserable, and Dad had gone out fishing.  I prepared myself to go out shopping at Ocean Shores for some art gear at the cheapie store.  While I was over there, I picked up some stuff for us all - why not?  We needed some food and milk.

Then, I was back here, dropped the stuff off and I had to wing it and get my car into a nice little parking spot... if I could find one.  Anyway, I've been here for hours just kicking back and enjoying the day.

While I was here, I sat outside on one of the seats and found I had a wet bum!  Well, while you're laughing at me, I'll explain:  I had pulled one of the seats off the pile out on the fly, from under the cover, and the spongy cushion was dry to touch, but wet in the middle.  Yeah, I put a towel on it, and it got wet right through... so did my denim skirt and my underwear.  Oh, joy!  I had to get changed the put my nice clean skirt out on the clothes rack in the sun to dry.
While it dried, I wrote some poetry, did some drawings in my Writer's & Artist's Journal and just enjoyed the hours to myself doing what I loved... which is pretty much nothing at all but watching the day go by.
I've been enjoying my Christmas presents of a new phone and an artist's journal of Frida Kahlo's - the latter I ordered off Amazon and I had bought for myself for Christmas.  It's been a great time for me this year... this time around.  I've totally enjoyed myself because I have a car this time and I can just get in it and go anywhere I like.

It's getting on a bit and Mum and Dad have been away at their friend's house for some time now.  But I think I'll get some takeaway tonight.  It'll be nice not having to cook... but then, I might not.  I bought mushrooms, potatoes and pumpkin...hmmmm, I see the use of the bbq's at the camp kitchen coming back into my night for my dinner.  Yep, it ought to taste good too if I can find some garlic! Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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