Friday, December 12, 2014

It's A Friday!

That's right!  Friday, and school holidays are under way too.  It's pouring rain - at long last - and I've got house work to catch up on too.  Yeah, I've been lazy in that area of my life.

I've tried to keep the kitchen tidy, but just can't be bothered to keep on washing up... so plates are piled up on the sink.  And then, there's the laundry to be put away, which I get half done, and give up on. 

Truthfully, it's my attention span that's the problem.  But I have read two books, begun a painting, almost finished some Christmas presents and posted off two Christmas cards for an online exchange and sent off a 3kg bookbag.  So, I've been busy in other ways.

Also, this week, I've had a flat tyre on the car, been to Mum and Dad's place to help with the Christmas Tree, hung out with a friend of mine on Monday and also went to my Craft Group's last gathering.  Otherwise, we've been getting one storm after another, and then rainy days which are more challenging than we think seeing it's normally the time when we all love to get in and do our laundry early in the mornings.  However, with all the rain about, it's difficult to do that.

Not that I'm complaining about it - we really do need it after all the heat and dry we've had.

Tomorrow, I'm off to a writer's group in the morning and my volunteer work in the afternoon.  It's a full day out.  So, I'm hoping to stay home here and just chill out, getting the work that needs to be done finished up... so I'll be good and rested for tomorrow.  Plus if the weather holds out well, it'll be a good day for the markets at the gallery.  I've also gotten myself almost ready for Christmas... almost... you know, there's those gifts that are to be finished off over the weekend, varnished and wrapped, then it's all done!  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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