Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Big Storms and Flat Tyres

We've had storms almost every day for the last week... either that or rain at some point in the day or night.  This has been going on for the last week or so - well, since the huge storm that hit Brisbane almost a fortnight ago... and this place is looking so much greener and better than before.

However, on Monday, I was stuck at a friend's house while an afternoon storm grumbled around us and I got to drive home in the rain afterwards.  It wasn't all that bad; I don't mind driving in the rain, but it does mean I have to be more cautious as the roads are slicker and traction is harder to obtain.

Well, last night, we had a line of storms come through Brisbane again - and they weren't bad for us, but they were down the coast.  So, I turned off the television and listened to my audio book for a few hours while I worked on a painting.  Actually I knocked over about 6 chapters of the darned thing!  And what a great part of it I was listening to!  However, by the time I looked at the time, it was going onto 11pm and I had to stop as I was getting tired.

Anyway, before I sat down the listen to it, I looked out my side door to check on the car - to see if I needed to move it or not to keep it away from anything harmful - when I noticed the back left tyre was flat.  Now, exactly when did that happen?  So, I moved it forward and opened up the back to pull out the spare and the jack and tools the change it.  All the while, it poured rain around the carport.  The tyre came out just fine... easy actually.  Then, came the jack - which was a no way in hell was it ever going to move kind of thing.  Yep, it was stuck!  So, I closed up the car, locked the door of my house and went to my neighbours to see if I could borrow their jack.  Rickie asked when I last changed a tyre... well, around 20 years ago, and he offered to change it for me.  It took a while, but he managed to get my jack out of the tight spot it was jammed into.  And yet, we couldn't get the jack out of its bag and there wasn't a tyre iron anywhere... jeez.  We wondered exactly what happened to it!
Well, they used their jack and tyre iron and everything was taken car of in no time flat.  Vanessa and I chatted about it, then I noticed the spare was low... and checked it.  It was very low.  Not good.

So, today, on the way to Bob Jane T-Marts, I stopped off at a service station and filled the spare I was using with air and then went on my way.  You know something?  Getting the tyre fixed didn't cost me all that much... only $30.  That's good if you ask me.  Well, I wasn't put out by much today either.

Once it was done, I got to get in and do all my other stuff too.  I was off to K-Mart at Logan Central, where I processed some lovely photos of flowers in my garden, put them into some cards, addressed them to post them off to Europe on the way home.  Then, I went to a bookstore near the cafe (where I addressed the cards) where found 3 books I liked and bought them for $10.  Not bad really... they are nice books.  Then, once I was ready to go, I was off to the post office on the way home to check the mail and post off the Christmas cards.  

Now, I'm home.  It's bin day and they've been collected and I've pulled in my bin and my neighbour's bin too.  And I have the air-conditioner on in the office... and I think we're in for another storm too.  Well, it'll give me more time to read more of my book again.  Very cool!  I'm up to a great part in it.  Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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